Alone 2020: Season 7 Rules, Schedule & Location


History Channel Rules, schedule and location for Season 7 of the History Channel TV show "Alone." Pictured is Correy Hawke.

History Channel is giving Discovery’s Naked and Afraid a run with their Alone series. Unlike Naked and Afraid, which normally puts survivalists in warm regions, Alone sends participants into the arctic for 100 days for a chance to win $1 million. They also have to stay there for 100 days and they don’t have the help of a camera crew in case something goes wrong. It’s up to the competitors to make their shelter, fire, find food and survive in freezing temperatures all while they are entirely alone.

The History Channel describes the challenge as “the most intense survival series on television.” With spending 100 days in the wilderness for the prize of $1 million, “Participants will face the biggest twist in series history.”

No One Has Survived 100 Days Before

ALONE Season 7 – TrailerKielyn from @lureofthenorth along with 9 other badass participants try to live off the land for 100 days. All self-shot with their 10 survival items and little more than the clothes on their backs, this season will be a nil biter!2020-04-30T17:45:39Z

“The rules are simple, survive 100 days and win 1 million dollars,” the History Channel writes. “Over 6 seasons, no one has ever lasted this long. Achieving this goal will be a struggle, especially when the survivalists have to endure the intense conditions and aggressive predators of the Arctic.”

This season has eight men and two women fighting for a shot at $1 million. The new cast members viewers will be meeting are Mark D’Ambrosio, Correy Hawk, Shawn Helton, Kielyn Marrone, Joe Nicholas, Amós Rodriguez, Callie Russell, Roland Welker, Joel Van Der Loon and Keith Syers.

As noted by The Cinemaholic, past locations have included Northern Vancouver Island (three times), Northern Mongolia, Patagonia and Great Slave Lake. To help them get through the 100-day challenge, the survivalists are allowed to take 10 items–out of a preselected list of 40 survival tools–with them into the wilderness. That’s the only “help” they’ll be getting during the challenge, so it’s imperative they choose the right items.

The participants are normally dropped off in fall, just as the harsh winter is approaching. With no camera crew, they must film and document their own struggles and triumphs. Last season, they were given 65 pounds of filming gear. Participants will be monitored in case anyone needs to medically tap out, and survivalists who are ready to give up have the option to leave.

Survivalists Have To Worry About The Weather and Predators

Alone Season 7 Cast

History ChannelAlone Season 7 Cast

As noted by The Cinemaholic, last season the ten participants were dropped off in Canada. Some of their biggest battles were fighting the brutal winter temperatures, the harsh winds and nearby predators. They were surrounded by polar bears, wolves, moose packs, muskox, and porcupines. They were allowed to live on a 5-to-10-square-mile and given equipment for fishing and hunting so they could pursue elk and deer. The only person to walk away with the prize money was Jordan Jonas.

A 30-second trailer for the new season gives a brief insight into what the new cast was up against. “This place will crush you,” one of the participants says. “You can’t tap out when there’s a million bucks on the line,” another adds. While some are shown being successful at catching fish, making fire and building shelters, others struggle to deal with the temperatures and the social isolation.

To see what happens in the first episode of the new season, don’t miss Alone when it premieres at 10 p.m. ET Thursday, June 11 on History Channel.

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