Sean Lowe’s Kids & Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sean Lowe Kids

Getty Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici.

Former Bachelor star Sean Lowe found love with winner Catherine Giudici and they built a home together with their kids.

Lowe was introduced to America as a contestant on season 8 of The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard, on which he placed third. Though he was the second runner-up, he became a fan favorite and went on to star on season 17 of The Bachelor. Lowe proposed to winner Catherine Giudici on the finale episode of his season and the two were married in a TV special on ABC. Their wedding took place on January 26, 2014, at the Four Seasons Resort Biltmore in Santa Barbara. Lowe’s father officiated the ceremony, as reported by People. The couple’s official wedding photos website can be viewed here.

Many guests at the couple’s wedding were former contestants and stars of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Lowe and his wife Giudici went on to build a family together and have been vocal about their struggles, as well as their relationship victories over the years. Read on for more about Lowe’s family.

1. Giudici Has Had Issues with Lowe’s Past

In 2016, Lowe and Giudici appeared on the reality TV show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, which counsels famous couples on their relationships. Giudici voiced that she still had issues with the way the couple met, with her having to compete for Lowe’s love against other women at the same time. According to Us Weekly, Giudici said on the show, “I hate that I’m jealous of other women.” Giudici went on to reveal that her father had left her mother and the family when she was younger. In addition, she said that her insecurities have affected her relationship with Lowe.

Giudici told Lowe on the show, “I’ve hurt you because we’re constantly surrounded by other women, and I hate that I’ve put on you sometimes how much I’m insecure about it.”

Following their time on Marriage Boot Camp, Lowe confessed to Too Fab that he wasn’t sure their experience did much for their marriage. He also had concerns about their image since the show hadn’t yet aired. Lowe said, “I don’t know [if it was for the best]. We had a strong relationship going in, I think we still have a strong relationship and they did teach us some tools that have benefited us. I think a lot of my answer depends on how we’re going to be portrayed on this thing. If it’s not good, then no, it wasn’t the best move.”

One of Lowe’s former Bachelor contestants and Bachelorette star Desiree Hartsock also appeared on a season of Marriage Boot Camp with her husband Chris Siegfried. Siegfried was the winner from Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette.

2. Catherine Giudici’s Father Attempted Suicide

On Lowe’s season of The Bachelor, Giudici opened up about the hardships in her family, with a focus on her dad. According to E! News, Giudici revealed on the show, “He was battling depression for a very, very long time. When I was 14, my dad had a suicide attempt in front of my sisters and I, and he was immediately taken away … It’s kinda hard for me to deal with, because he’s my dad. I needed you to know that.”

OK Here Is the Situation reported that a petition for a restraining order was filed against Giudici’s father, Carey, by her mother Cynthia in 2001.

E! News also reported that court documents stated Giudici’s father allegedly tried to commit suicide with a knife, broke items around the house, was verbally abusive and pushed Giudici’s older sister.

Giudici and her father have remained in contact. In fact, he has met his grandchildren as well as Lowe. They are pictured as a family together above. And, on Carey’s Instagram profile it stated, “my greatest joy is my daughters.”

3. The Couple Has Three Children Together

Lowe and Giudici announced their first pregnancy in April 2015 on Instagram … but this was actually an April Fools’ joke. Then, just a few month later, in December 2015, the couple announced that they really were having a baby. Lowe posted the announcement on his Instagram with the caption, “It’s happening! I’m going to be a dad!”

On July 2, 2016, Lowe told Twitter followers that he and his wife had welcomed their first child, a baby boy. He wrote, “God is good! We had a healthy baby boy named Samuel Thomas. Thank you everyone for your prayers and support!”

E! News reported that the couple welcomed their second child, another boy, on May 18, 2018 and the announcement was, again, made via social media. On Instagram, Lowe posted a photo with a message to introduce the couple’s little one. The message stated, “Meet my boy Isaiah Hendrix. Thank you Lord.”

Their third kid was born on December 23, 2019 via c-section and this time they had a daughter, who they named Mia Mejia, according to People.

4. Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Didn’t Have Sex Until Their Wedding Night

Lowe was a born again virgin on his season of The Bachelor and he was celibate. It wasn’t until Lowe and Giudici’s wedding night that they finally had sex. According to Women’s Health, Giudici described their wedding night as “quick fireworks.”

As for why Lowe wanted to save sex for when the two tied the knot, he told E! News, “From my perspective, I’ve lived life kind of selfishly for a long time. Now, I’m going to try to live it the way I know to be right.”

Lowe also talked to TIME about what led to his deciding to abstain from sex. He explained, “After graduating college, I moved back to Dallas. I was dating other girls and I started having sex, and I would feel extremely guilty afterwards. But after that guilt faded, then I’d start talking to some other girl and go down that same path of destruction … At the age of 24 I finally became a man. I said, ‘Okay, Jesus, let’s do it again.’”

5. The Couple Has a Furniture Line

Giudici was a graphic designer when she met Sean Lowe. Today, the two have a furniture line together and it’s called Home by Sean & Catherine Lowe. It’s featured on the website Wayfair.

The description on the site about the furniture items reads, “Shop Home by Sean & Catherine Lowe, where you can find the perfect next piece of furniture for your home.” Items up for sale include chairs, sofas, area rugs and sectionals.

Giudici also has a company called LoweCo., which “offers chic & cheeky greeting cards for everyday occasions.” The cards are made by Giudici, according to the company Instagram page. Fans can purchase the greeting cards on the LoweCo. official website.

The LoweCo. mission statement written on the company website reads, “LoweCo. is all about fun messages with a crisp and elegant delivery. Because our paper is embossed for texture, you can truly ‘feel the Lowe’. Whether you want to remind a loved one that you care or only worry about signing your name and letting the cards speak for themselves, you (and the recipient) are in for a treat. A refreshing, delicious treat.”

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