‘Summer Rush’ on Food Network: The Foy Family Restaurants

Foy Family Summer Rush

Food Network

With summer arriving, Food Network is airing the pilot of their new reality docuseries titled Summer Rush. The show follows three restaurants battling to get the most business in one summer, and all the restaurants are owned by different members of the same family.

The new show shows off the competition between restaurants around Lake George, New York. The four-part reality series follows the Foy family, a family that owns three separate businesses during their busiest weeks of the year.

Summer Rush is a fresh, new docu-soap series examining the high-stakes and high-stress of a seasonal restaurant business,” said Courtney White, President, Food Network. “The Foys are a dynamic and driven family, and our cameras were there to capture all the real and raw moments as they strive for success- from the conflicts to the victories.”

‘Summer Rush’ Cast: The Foy Family

Edward “Buddy” Foy Sr. was a ship’s cook in the Navy. That’s where he learned how to cook and also where he created his prized lasagna recipe, according to the Food Network website. He and his wife, Cate Foy, moved to the Bolton Landing area with their three sons after running restaurants in upstate New York.

Cate Foy worked as a hostess at a separate restaurant, and then she spotted property across the street and talked her husband into buying it with her. Cate was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma the previous year, but she was able to work during the Summer Rush summer.

Edward “Buddy” Foy Jr. and his wife, Jen, started their business after moving back to Boston’s Landing to raise their two daughters. Jen is a native Jersey Girl who was raised by Italian immigrants. She loves entertaining and wants customers to feel like they are guests in her home.

Jesse Foy began working at Cate’s Italian Garden when he was 13 years old and started to help his parents run the restaurant when he graduated from college. He and his wife, Jessica, have been married for 12 years and have three sons together.

‘Summer Rush’ Restaurants

Cate’s Italian Garden was opened by Cate and Buddy and has been in business for more than 24 years. The restaurant has been closed lately due to COVID-19 but is reopening later this week to offer pizza takeout and at-home pizza kits.

The Chateau on the Lake is a private residence that has been converted into a fine dining restaurant. It’s owned and run by Junior and Jen who want their daughters to work at the restaurant someday. According to the Food Network website, “he thinks it’s a great way to teach the kids about a solid work eithic, family unity and getting ahead.”

Chateau on the Lake has been offering meal kit and grocery delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Diamond Point Grille was opened by Jesse four years ago after he put his entire life’s savings into the restaurant; according to the Food Network website, the short summer season has been barely bringing in enough money for him, and he was only going to give it one more season at the beginning of filming. They are still open, and they have been offering takeout during the coronavirus pandemic.

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