YouTube Takes Down Ozzy Man’s ‘Humans Being Nice’ Video for TOS Violations


In what is a strange twist of irony, YouTube took down Ozzy Man Reviews’ “Humans Being Nice” video for violating its terms of service. The video was posted on June 2 and it was removed from YouTube a few hours later. YouTube has not yet restored the video. If the takedown was done in error, it will likely be restored at some point in the future. Here’s what happened.

The Video About Nice Things Humans Do Was Removed for Violating YouTube’s Terms of Service

It’s not clear why the video was removed, since Ozzy Man Reviews’ other videos still appear to be on YouTube. As of the time this article was published, clicking on the video brings up a removal notice from YouTube. Heavy noticed the removal close to when it happened. The video was still listed on our YouTube subscriptions list, but clicking on the video brought up a removal notice. After refreshing the subscriptions list, the video was gone.

Here’s the video as it appeared on a YouTube app on TV:


Clicking on the video brought up this message:


The same thing happened with Ozzy Man’s post on Twitter. Here he is talking about the video.


But clicking on the link he provided brings up the following error message:


Ozzy Man Reviews posted the full video on Facebook, which you can watch below. Facebook hasn’t taken down the video.

Ozzy Man Reviews said on Facebook about the video:

Secret Fact: I recorded this video in me office over a week ago and it’s been dormant in the content schedule. The relevancy of it has a whole new feel this week. Keep being legends and let’s celebrate being fucken decent to one another. Anyone spewing ignorance, bigotry, prejudice, judgement, and narrow minded-ness as acceptable or justified traits in the year of bloody 2020 can fuck right off. ❤️🍻 Spin doctors can fuck right off. This is a video of NICENESS. Inarguable, unflinching niceness. Absorb it.

He also listed all the source videos in the comment where he found the clips of humans being nice to other humans and to animals. People in the comments were happy to see the video.

One wrote: “Thanks for the positivity right now mate.”

Another commenter wrote: “Ozzy man be like ‘Initiate restoration of faith in humanity.'”

Another wrote: “I actually teared up watching these. Yeah, I’m a sentimental old fool, but this is what I absolutely needed to see today. Thank you, Ozzy Man.”

Another wrote,” Thankyou ozzy man! This just made me cry sweet tears of ‘awwww’, well done for finding the good in this world. You’re a top bloke! ”

On Facebook, readers were thankful for Ozzy Man sharing a positive video and were glad to see it. A few dropped in on Facebook and Twitter to ask why the video was removed. At this time, it’s not clear why YouTube took down the video.

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