AGT Spoilers: Who Is Performing on America’s Got Talent Tonight? 7/28/2020

AGT Judges Cuts

NBC When "America's Got Talent" season 15 Judges Cuts begin on July 28, fans should expect to see some changes due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

America’s Got Talent season 15 returns with the Judges Cut round of competition on July 28.

Ahead of the episode, here’s what you should know about the acts performing and what’s to come for AGT season 15:

All of the Acts That Advanced From Their Auditions Competed in the Season’s 1 Judges Cuts Episode

Due to COVID-19, production packed all of the Judge Cuts acts’ performances into one episode, so fans should expect the pacing and format of the episode to feel different this year. It would not be possible for all of the acts who made it through the audition round to have their Judges Cuts performances featured, so viewers should not expect to see the Judges Cuts unfold in full on television. That being said, here are the acts who advanced to the Judges Cuts following their season 15 auditions:

– The Divas & Drummers of Compton
– Thomas Day
– Erin Byrne
– Frenchie Baby Cliffhanger
– Usama Siddiquee
– Kelvin Dukes
– The Bello Sisters
– Florian Sainvet
– Jennifer and Daiquiri
– Simon and Maria
– Bonavega
– Pork Chop Revue
– Bad Salsa
– Broken Roots
– Malik DOPE Drummer
– Ryan Tricks
– Archie Williams
– Double Dragon
– Vincent Marcus
– Muy Moi Show
– Emerald Wolf
– Jackie DeShannon
– Amanda La Count
– Daneliya Tuleshova
– Marty Ross
– Celina
– The Demented Brothers
– Shakir and Rehan Kahn
– Noah Epps
– Liliac
– Luca DiStefano
– Nolan Neal
– Feng E
– Olox
– Spyros Bros.
– Ashley Marina
– Brett Loudermilk
– Annie Jones
– Ty Barnett
– Shaquira McGrath
– Extreme Dance Force
– Chefboybonez
– Winston
– Louis Shivlock
– Bone Breakers
– Jesse Kramer
– Alan Silva
– CA Wildcats
– Jacob Velazquez
– Michael Yo
– Brothers Gage
– Shevon Nieto
– Elijah
– Kenadi Dodds
– Crystal Powell
– Wesley Williams
– Alex Hooper
– Lightwave Theater Company
– Kameron Ross
– John Sevier Austin
– Chicken Scratch Sam
– TheNinjaTwins
– John Hastings
– Jefferson Davis High Band
– Siena
– Sheldon Riley
– Chris and Sid
– Jonathan Goodwin
– Tommy Socks
– Puppy Pals
– Erin McCarthy

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Ahead of the Judges Cuts episode, we do know two acts that should expect to be featured. AGT offered sneak peeks of Jonathan Goodwin and Shaquira McGrath’s performances on their YouTube channel in anticipation of the competition’s return.

44 Acts Will Make it Through to the Live Quarterfinals Shows

Executive producer Jason Raff told People, “Because we’re being forced because of COVID to do less with the middle round, we felt that it would better to put more people through into the live shows that America could choose. We wanted to try and do as much as possible to give everybody as much of a chance as possible.” For that reason, they chose to let 44 acts advance to the live shows rather than the standard 36 acts of past seasons.

The season’s 5 golden buzzer recipients will not perform during Judges Cuts; they will return to perform next during the live quarterfinals. The golden buzzer acts this season were Roberta Battaglia, Voices of Our City Choir, WAFFLE Crew, Cristina Rae, and Brandon Leake.

Of the show’s necessary pivot, executive producer Sam Donnelly said, “It’s been invigorating in one way that it’s really forced us to be more creative with things. When you’re in a format that you’re familiar with and you know it’s successful and it works, sometimes it needs something to really force a change. We didn’t have a choice, we had to do things differently. There was definitely something exciting about doing it and doing it differently. Trying to always do better has actually been, for me personally, a very exciting part of this whole time.”

New episodes of America’s Got Talent season 15 air on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

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