‘All Countries Matter’ Trends to #1 on Twitter on the 4th of July


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In the early mornings hours of the 4th of July, the hashtag “All Countries Matter” began to trend and then quickly made its way to the very top of Twitter’s trending list for the United States. Here’s a look at some of the tweets and memes that have been shared under this trend, along with what the hashtag means.

#AllCountriesMatter Trended Above Hamilton & Happy 4th of July


On Independence Day, “All Countries Matter” trended above Hamilton, which had just been released on July 3 on Disney Plus, and even above “Happy Fourth of July.” As of the time of this article’s publication, #AllCountriesMatter was #1 in the United States, followed by Hamilton at #2, Joon (for K-pop fans) at #3, and Happy 4th of July at #4.

But what does the hashtag mean?

The hashtag is a play on “All Lives Matter,” which is a phrase that some people say in response to “Black Lives Matter.” The phrase “All Lives Matter” is often deemed as hurtful. Back in 2016, a lot of people took the time to explain why the phrase was hurtful with a cartoon using the hashtag “All Houses Matter.” You can see the cartoon below.

Today, people are sharing “All Countries Matter” on the 4th of July as a response to the “All Lives Matter” saying.

Here are some of the tweets, memes, and photos people have shared to make the hashtag go viral.

One person wrote: “Just wanted everyone to know that I’m actually a supporter of all countries matter this 4th I will be celebrating all countries.”

People sharing the hashtag often use the world map as part of their statement. One person wrote: “this July 4th i would just like to remind everyone that #AllCountriesMatter.”

Others are tweeting flags of the world with their statements. One person wrote: “happy 4th of july to every country on this planet because we don’t need to focus on just one country right #AllCountriesMatter”

Another person wrote: “I would just like to say that I hope everybody learns to love all countries the way I do because we are all part of the same country: Pangea #AllCountriesMatter”

There are many different forms of the tweet.

Some people are using the hashtag and saying that they’re very proud of Gen Z.

And others are tweeting that they’re enjoying seeing the hashtag trend.

Here’s another tweet with someone celebrating the hashtag:

Back on President Donald Trump’s birthday, “All Birthdays Matter” trended too.

The hashtag is showing up on other social media sites too. In fact, some people joked on Facebook about wanting to make it trend back in early June.

People have been planning this for quite some time.

Back on June 4, exactly a month ago, people were talking on Facebook and Twitter about making the hashtag trend. This tweet, which was then later shared on Facebook, got at least 240,000 likes.

So it looks like everyone who talked about making the hashtag go viral a month ago didn’t forget about their plans and then went on to make it happen today.

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