‘Good Witch’ Fans Hope Scott Cavalheiro Isn’t Leaving the Show

The season finale of Good Witch is here and fans have a major question: Is Scott Cavalheiro (Adam) leaving the Hallmark show? Fans really hope he doesn’t leave. Even before the finale aired, fans just weren’t sure what to expect and Cavalheiro wasn’t giving much away.

This article has major spoilers for the season finale. 

The storyline for the episode right before the finale shows Adam feeling called to go on a mission trip, though he’s not sure how long. It’s a very strong calling and he eventually learns that he is going to South America. It truly feels like this is a calling that Adam isn’t going to back down on. He and Stephanie are going to be apart for a long time.

In fact, he invited Stephanie to go with him, but she turned him down and said her place was in Middleton. In Episode 9, Adam even hinted that he could be gone for as long as a year. So unless the show made a time jump for Season 7, then Adam just might be gone for the season or only appearing in videos.

And then, in the finale, they broke up.

At this point though, we just don’t know if the actor is leaving the show or if he’s just not going to be around as much for Season 7.

In an interview with TV Fanatic on June 30, Cavalheiro seemed to hint that he might be back for Season 7 if the show is renewed. He talked about how things might change in a COVID-19 world when filming the next season. Cavalheiro said:

I think as an audience member, at least from my perspective, I’m always rooting for that first kiss or maybe for a proposal or something like that. So I think that certainly is a piece of television that we are always wanting to see. And my only hope is that with the circumstances around the world, there’s a workaround that people will find.

And I’m excited to be part of that as well. Should there be a season seven of Good Witch, it would be amazing if I had the opportunity to part of that, in a relationship like that.”

So it certainly sounds like Cavalheiro wants to be on the show for a seventh season if it’s renewed. That’s a very good sign.

And this tweet where he said after the finale “Can we have more?” about the show is a good sign too.

And when one fan said: “I hope it isn’t your very last scene,” he tweeted: “I got some #goodies up my sleeve.”

This gives us a lot of hope for the actor’s future on the show.

The actor’s currently involved in a number of projects, according to IMDb. Not only is he on Good Witch, but he’s also starring on Avocado Toast the Series as Hunter and was Colin in the movie Anything for Jackson. He also just completed a role as Dick on You Don’t Know Dick.  (Avacado Toast was renewed for a second season.)

He didn’t reveal much about the finale itself, only saying: “Should he stay or should he go? I don’t want to tease heads or tails. So I can’t quite say anything. I know the finale is a phenomenal episode, and I just hope people enjoy watching it as much as I did working on it, so I’m excited to hear what people say.”

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