‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Episode 3 Review: We’ll Be Talking About This One All Week

Yellowstone Episode 3

Paramount Yellowstone Episode 3

Tonight, Yellowstone returns for a new episode called: “Acceptable Surrender.” This episode has some beautiful moments, some heartwarming moments, a lot of political intrigue, and a cliffhanger we’ll be talking about all week. This is a recap and review written live during the episode. This article will have major spoilers for the new episode. 

The episode begins with another bonding moment between Tate and John. And once again, the scenery is absolutely beautiful. I love how they make such beautiful use of the mountains and countryside on this show.


Dutton explains to Tate that ranching is tough but “it’s one hell of a life,” and that’s why they keep going.

I love how this show has these philosophical, family-bonding moments for the introductions.

After the stunning opening, we return to the episode, now featuring Beth and Rip. They’re the new power couple on the show.

In the next scene, Attorney General Stewart and Governor Perry are having a meeting. Miss Reed is being appointed as Deputy Attorney General. I’m not sure the implications of this, but the next scene is with Ellis Steele. He’d like a 30-year-lease to help cover the new airports at Paradise Valley, and the Forest Service has already agreed to the land for what will ultimately be three ski resort, condos, and other facilities.

Apparently the FAA wants to use Yellowstone Ranch for the airports and this might be done through eminent domain. OK, that is pretty messed up. This is going to be a serious battle.

Beth has a mole in the governor’s office (smart woman) and she finds out almost immediately about the terrible news.

Meanwhile, Jamie has been sent to help the law enforcement officer who accidentally killed the two men who had beat up a woman in the last episode. He put the men in a horse stall and killed them when he drove the trailer erratically. The man says he only did what he was told to do. Jamie thinks he can get the man off by claiming they were already assaulted and injured before they went into the trailer and helping him fabricate a new story. Not very ethical, that’s for sure.

Beth goes off to visit Roarke after the very disturbing news she just learned. This is going to be fireworks.


She’s not buying his story that he’s not making decisions. Roarke tells her that they can afford to fight it in court and they can’t. Ultimately, he says, they’ll even bring in the Army to their land.

I’m sensing that Roarke is going to be Jenkins-ed. But that’s just my guess.

After the commercial break, Jamie is really mad at about one of his agents being pulled into the huge mess by a colleague, Randy. He is not amused by what happened and he’s not going to take this lightly. In fact, he recorded his phone call with Randy. Jamie offers to have them tagged as John Does to make everything go away and he pays the woman they assaulted a visit. He tells his dad that the men who assaulted his daughter are dead and the dad thinks he should run for Governor. So it looks like this Dutton family crisis is over.

Jamie’s a lot like his dad in many ways, isn’t he?

Back at the Governor’s office, she’s obviously very stressed. She’s got to meet with Jamie and his dad right away. “Time is not on our side,” she tells him.

The new building is coming along nicely.


Colby’s been assigned to stay with Tater while the rest of the group goes to watch Jimmy’s first official rodeo event.


And it looks like Jimmy has a fan (and a potential love connection) in Mia.


It looks like a really nice event. I’m kind of jealous — I miss going to events like that, thanks to the pandemic. Well, back to the show.

Despite the tension between them, it looks like the Governor and John Dutton still have an uneasy friendship. She wants Jamie to be the interim Attorney General and for Jamie to appoint a new head of the Livestock Commission. She said the plan would be best for John and the people of the value, but she doesn’t know if it’s best for the state.

Jimmy had a major accident during his first rodeo.


I don’t know if he’s dead, alive, or paralyzed. Whatever it is, it doesn’t look good.

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