Randy Rainbow’s Racist & Transphobic Tweets Resurface Online

Randy Rainbow racist tweets

Getty An entire log of Randy Rainbow's old racist and transphobic tweets resurfaces online.

Comedian Randy Rainbow has come under scrutiny after an entire
spreadsheet of his old tweets went viral online. The log contains over 60 tweets with racist, transphobic and anti-Semitic language.

Rainbow, a successful comedian before coronavirus, became a huge internet star in recent months thanks to the popularity of his political parody music videos. His most recent song, “Kamala,” which he sang to the music of the 1960 Broadway musical Camelot, has been viewed nearly 900,000 times on YouTube and over 1.2 million times on Twitter.

The 39-year-old comedian’s YouTube Channel, where he has 565,000 subscribers, earned him a 2020 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Short Form Variety Series, an award he was also nominated for in 2019. While numerous celebrities have retweeted and celebrated his parody videos, including Eric McCormack, Lea Thompson, Mark Hamill and Henry Winkler, he’s now being called out for “cancellation” by fans online just discovering his old tweets.

Rainbow has since attempted to delete his controversial tweets, all of which were published between 2010 and 2016.

Rainbow’s Old Tweets Included Jokes About Asians, Blacks & Lesbians

On April 18, 2010, Rainbow tweeted, “Why is it OK to call it a ‘white noise’ machine, yet offensive to say that I bought it to drown out all the ‘black noise’ in my building?” Another tweet reads, “This snow is like all the guys I sleep with: Looks all white & pretty now but by morning it’ll seem more Hispanic & my wallet will be gone.”

Rainbow tweeted on September 15, 2013, “My cat and I do this cute thing when I scoop his litter where I go, ‘uh-oh! Someone made a doody!’ and then he blames on it some black guy.” On June 15, 2015, Rainbow tweeted, “I hear Kristen Stewart is a lesbian. What else is ew?”

Rainbow Shot to Internet Stardom After His Parody Video ‘Cuomosexual’ Went Viral in April

ANDY! – A Randy Rainbow Song ParodyTHE RANDY RAINBOW SHOW Executive Producer: RANDY RAINBOW Starring: RANDY RAINBOW Written, Directed & Edited by: RANDY RAINBOW Producers: JOHN RETSIOS JEFF ROMLEY VICTORIA VARELA "CUOMOSEXUAL" T-SHIRTS, MASKS (Benefitting God's Love We Deliver NYC to provide meals to those in need) AND MORE STUFF: Represent.com/cuomosexual **SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST RANDY RAINBOW VIDS!** RANDY RAINBOW LIVE…2020-04-06T20:35:25Z

In the early months of COVID-19, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo became a heralded leader of his state, and to express his thanks, Rainbow released a video entitled, “ANDY!” In the parody video, the YouTube star croons, “Andy, can’t ya see I’m in quarantine. A nervous wreck, and scurred as heck of COVID-19,” to the tune of “Sandy,” sung by John Travolta in the 1978 film Grease.

“You bring hope when I can’t cope … If we’re on Earth, for what’s it’s worth, I hope they make you king. You run my state, while I gain weight, with grace and dignity.

“The way you manage to lead and inform without scaring the living s*** out of me, or straying from the facts, and still find time to nurture my delicate spirit … You’re wise level-headed, eloquent, and sexy in a time when the country needs it most.”

Rainbow’s “Cuomosexual” tribute is not just about Andrew Cuomo; Rainbow is also a huge fan of his brother, CNN reporter Chris Cuomo, who was the singer’s admitted “first love” for his “his tight wet t-shirts, and his sweaty Instagram workout videos.” In the video, Rainbow says he’s praying for Chris Cuomo’s speedy recovery from COVID-19.

Rainbow’s YouTube page is filled with political COVID-19 parody videos including “SOCIAL DISTANCE,” which highlights Vice President Mike Pence and has racked up millions of views, as has “Gee, Anthony Fauci,” which premiered on July 22, 2020.

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