Who Died on Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 9?

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Tonight Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 9 aired, and there were some notable (and very dark) deaths again. Here’s who died and what we know so far.

This article has major spoilers for Season 3 Episode 9: “Meaner than Evil,” which premiered on Sunday, August 16, 2020. 

One of John Dutton’s Major Enemies Died

One of John’s major enemies that I thought would be part of the finale battle actually died tonight.

Last week, Wade and his men cornered Colby and Teeter in a river while Teeter was trying to convince Colby to go skinny-dipping with her. They rode their horses through the river, stomping at and whipping Colby and Teeter while they desperately tried to swim to safety and keep breathing. When the men ride away finally, the river is empty and we don’t see any sign of Colby or Teeter.

That was a major cliffhanger last week as fans wondered if Colby or Teeter lived or died. As it turns out, they both lived. Colby had few injuries, but Teeter was seriously injured. What they went through drew Colby and Teeter together romantically, much to the joy of many fans.

But the men who inflicted this on them had to pay.

Rip used Walker as bait to draw them out. Wade and one of his men saw Walker by the fence and rode after him, ready to rope him and possibly kill him. Roarke, whom Wade works for, told him to push John Dutton until he did something illegal that they could sue him for.

Well, Rip and the other wranglers were lying in wait. They surrounded Wade and his other man. The man helping Wade (whose name I’m unsure of at this time) ended up getting hit by a tree branch while he tried to gallop away and he died when he fell off his horse and his head hit a rock.

But the Dutton Ranch men managed to lasso Wade and pull him off his horse. They tied him to a tree and we learned that Wade had the Dutton Ranch brand. That’s what John wanted back all this time. They had Walker cut the brand off him, and then they hung Wade, killing him.

It was a very dark scene. In fact, we saw Wade hanging from the tree, dead, a couple of different times.

The only people who died in this episode were Wade and Wade’s helper. Colby and Teeter lived. 

At the end of the episode, it was time for a new round of brandings. Teeter, despite almost just dying herself, willingly took on a brand. She proved herself to be just as strong as the men, and now she’s truly part of the group.

Meanwhile, Mia isn’t so sure about her involvement with the ranch, so it’s possible that her relationship with Jimmy is going to be on the rocks. Mia really likes Walker, but will either woman stick around if they get wind that the Dutton men just killed two men?

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