Jihoon Makes Accusation About Deavan’s Daughter


Instagram "90 Day Fiancé" star Jihoon made an accusation against Deavan's daughter, Drascilla.

90 Day Fiancé stars Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee are fighting again. The incident started after some viewers thought they saw Deavan’s 5-year-old daughter, Drascilla, throw their family dog while she was on Instagram live, according to ScreenRant.

Deavan denied that her daughter threw the dog, saying the sound people heard was something else in the house falling, but then Jihoon stepped in to say that Drascilla abused their dog Bam Bam when they all lived together in South Korea. Jihoon is known for loving his poodle Bbakki, with one episode showing him sleeping next to the puppy instead of watching Taeyang.

“Bam Bam go to a new family 2020.1.18,” he wrote on Instagram, as noted by 90 Day Fiance Fanatics. “Because little D beat Bam Bam he lost a lot of hair and it wasn’t good for the baby’s trachea.” He confirmed what some viewers saw. “I’m sure people saw it,” he added in a different Instagram post. “When D was streaming live, little D was throwing him away.”

Deavan denied Jihoon’s allegations and referred to him as her daughter’s “abuser.” She didn’t understand why people believed her ex’s claims. “I find it real disgusting that my daughter’s abuser is still speaking about her in his stories making up lies to make my child look bad. Yet you guys still look at him like an idol? A 31-year-old man talking poorly and lying about a 5-year-old girl he abused,” she wrote. “Yet you guys still don’t see it? Alright cool? Disappointed in humanity today.”

Deavan, who returned back to the United States without Bam Bam, said Jihoon gave the dog up for adoption. “Jihoon gave Bam Bam away when he had a fit of anger,” she wrote, according to SoapDirt. “He didn’t want two dogs and would get angry that Bam Bam go more attention than his poodle. Bam Bam did go to a loving home.”

Jihoon Said He Tried To Discipline Drascilla


While they were all living together in Korea, Jihoon issued a statement where he admitted that he tried to discipline Drascilla. She was calling him the Korean name for “dad,” but Jihoon alleged that Deavan never let him reprimand her daughter.

“She wanted me to be a father to Drascilla. I accepted her when I tried to show Drascilla right from wrong, or even disciplining, but Deavan and Drascilla rejected the growing pains,” Jihoon wrote, according to 90 Day Fiance Now. “Deavan did not accept any type of discipline or helping her child become an amazing young girl.”

Jihoon accused Drascilla of pulling on other children’s hair at school. “Drascilla was enrolled in an English academy in Korea. I would get calls from the director that Drascilla was hitting, spitting, screaming and pulling other kids’ hair and the teachers. So I would come down to the school and try to talk to her the best I could. She wouldn’t listen,” he said. “She would continue with the same tactics, even after I would show her what she was doing was wrong.”

Jihoon admitted that he “tugged” on Drascilla’s hair. “When she was pulling other children’s hair and making them cry, I tugged on her hair, and asked, “If I pull on your hair, does it hurt? You don’t want to hurt your friends or the other kids” and that still didn’t work in her understand,” he said. “How could I be a father to a child who she had called me dad in Korean, but when I tried to be a father, Deavan said I was in the wrong and hurt her child.”

Deavan Threatened Jihoon With Lawyers


After Jihoon shared his side of the story, Deavan threatened him with legal action.

“As for the claims made yesterday, my lawyer has consulted me to not speak on it publicly. I do apologize. Once everything is over the truth will come out. As for right now, I will continue with court,” she wrote. “All I will say is I’m saddened by what was stated and the true one hurting is Drascilla.”

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