How Many Kids Does Alex Trebek Have?

Alex Trebek Birthday

Getty Alex Trebek says he wears a hair piece since the chemo treatment for his pancreatic cancer has caused him to lose his hair.

Alex Trebek is survived by his three children– Emily and Matthew, as well as an adopted daughter, Nicky, from his marriage to Elaine Kares from 1974 to 1981.

The Jeopardy! host passed away early on the morning of November 8, surrounded by family and friends, according to TMZ.

Speaking to People last year about their children, Trebek’s wife, Jean, said, “They’re really sharp and have done their due diligence in their respective endeavors… They’re both very compassionate, sensitive people… They’re our good friends.”

Nicky is 54 and is a singer/songwriter who also designs clothes for the fashion brand ROCK IDOL clothing, according to Closer Weekly.

Her IMDB reveals that she was born in Toronto and raised in Hollywood, and even worked in production on Jeopardy!. “Love All Humans”, “Pieces of Eight”, “BraceFace Brandi”, and “Freaked” are all listed under her IMDB credits.

Matthew, meanwhile, is 31 and graduated from Fordham University in 2015. He now works as a restauranteur, according to the outlet.

In an interview with Fordham News, Matthew opened up about his passion for cuisine. He shared, “There was just something about the hospitality industry that I fell in love with… it’s great because it’s very free form in that it allows you to venture out into so many different fields: design, food, drinks, music, graphic design, and even just talking to people.”

He joked about his father, “He would be fine eating chicken, white rice, and broccoli for the rest of his life,” adding that Trebek was a “handyman” at heart.

Emily Trebek, 27, graduated from Loyola Marymount University and flips houses in California. In a 2017 interview, Emily shared, “I have always been interested in homes. When I was little, I wanted to be an architect. After graduating, I decided to get into real estate. As I was getting ready to flip my first house, I told my dad that I wanted to do it with him.”

She added, “If dad can fix something, he will not have anyone else do it. I remember back when I was learning to drive, and I would accidentally run over a sprinkler head or path lighting in the driveway, we all knew dad would be out five seconds later fixing it… And I always watched him fix things and wanted to learn. I don’t have words to express how much it means to me that he helped. Just telling him how much I appreciate it and how much I thank him for guiding me through this and helping me sounds so insignificant. I don’t have the words to make it sound as significant as I feel.”

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