‘American Idol’ 2021 Predictions: Who Will Make the Top 9?

American Idol 2021

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Season 19 of American Idol has been narrowing down its top singers over the past few weeks, and now, it’s time to guess the top 9. Who do we predict will make it through to the top 9? What do fans weighing in on this season think?

Here’s what you need to know:

Per TVLine, fans believe the following will make it to the top 10:

Alanis Sophia

Alanis Sophia, 19, had experience in front of a camera well before Idol. When she was 11, she competed on La Voz Kids. Per Talent Recap, Alanis was one of the runners-up on the show.

The outlet reveals that when she was 13, she recorded her first EP, then pivoted to focus on her acting career. She landed a pilot that did not go to series, and become the face of Clean & Clear, before signing with a major record label in 2017.

Alyssa Wray

Alyssa Wray hails from Kentucky and received large applause from the judges after her first audition. Bryan even compared her to watching another “Beyonce get born.”

Richie seconded those sentiments, telling Wray, “How lucky are we to finally say, ‘we knew you when, and we had something to do with it?”

Casey Bishop

Casey Bishop has also stunned fans with her killer vocal chops.

She recently told ABC 7 Local News, “I’m learning to really enjoy it all and just have fun. Kinda sing like this is my last time because no one is safe here.”

The singer is just 16 and hails from Southwest Florida.

Chayce Beckham

According to The Daily Press, Beckham is a heavy machine operator with a gritty voice that has wowed fans across the country.

Judge Katy Perry recently shared with Beckham, “I think you are the artist, and I think America really sees this authenticity. And I just think you’re never going to go back to hauling whatever you’re hauling. Your life has begun and congratulations for it.”

Deshawn Goncalves

Goncalves hails from Columbus, Ohio, and is a university student at Jackson State University.

In addition to singing, per TV Over Mind, Jackson plays the tuba and the piano. He has also penned his own songs, and released his first single, “Time Is a Teacher”, in 2019.

Grace Kinstler

Kinstler is a frontrunner in this competition, and, according to US Magazine, she watched Idol on TV with her father, growing up.

After her first audition, Richie told her, “Your voice quality, your confidence, the way you portray yourself on stage, it’s a winning package.”

Kinstler is currently a student at Berklee College of Music.

Hunter Metts


Metts is 22 and from Tennessee, where he works as a software developer.

TV Over Mind reveals that he is lucky to have such a loving sister– she quit her job so he could audition for the show.

In the words of the outlet, “[Metts’] sister worked for Disney for several years but decided to quit her job so that Hunter could audition for the show. Since American Idol now airs on ABC (which is owned by Disney), it was seen as a conflict of interest for him to audition while she was still an employee.”

Nia Renee

Renee is only 17-years-old and sang “Chain of Fools” for her first audition. She has been singing for the last seven years, though she started as a toddler.

Today, Renee is a high school student in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Willie Spence

Willie Spence started his singing career in the church, and, in the words of TV Over Mind, “… it quickly became apparent to everyone around him that he was working with a very special voice.”

Spence has an impressive 422k followers on Instagram to date and lost an impressive 200 pounds before his audition.

In an interview with Parade, he shared, “I turned myself into the hospital to get a checkup because I had pain in my chest and the doctors told me that they found fluid in my lungs,” he said. “I weighed 600 pounds. When they told me that, I knew I had to focus more on my health. I went from 600 to 400 pounds.”

Fans should also keep in mind that some comeback contestants will be featured on the upcoming episode of Idol. Those contestants include Faith Becnel, Franklin Boone, Dwayne Crocker Jr., Cyniah Elise, Arthur Gunn, Aliana Jester, Louis Knight, Nick Merico, Makayla Phillips, and Olivia Ximines.

American Idol airs Sunday and Monday evenings on ABC.

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