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Chayce Beckham

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Chayce Beckham stole the hearts of Americans everywhere when he performed in front of the judges this past Sunday, and based on the panel’s reactions to his voice, the California native may be here to stay.

Beckham hails from Apple Valley, California, where there are no apples, according to the singer. He has been working in construction for a firm called United Rental for three years now.

Beckham’s segment on the show included interviews with his parents. Through tears, his mother explained that Beckham had been on a “dark path with drinking and self-worth.” Ultimately, he moved back in with his parents.

For his song, Backham performed What Brings Life by Kolton Moore and the Clever Few, and the judges were in awe. Bryan told Beckham that he is “what this show is all about” while Perry said he sounded like the “heart of America.” She even said that she thinks he’ll end up in the competition’s top five.

Beckham made it through with a golden ticket, but does he have what it takes to win this season of American Idol?

He’s Formed a Friendship With Benson Boone

Beckham’s Instagram reveals that likely during auditions, he bonded with fellow Idol contestant Benson Boone— another one of America’s heartthrobs.

In fact, both Beckham and Boone have story highlights of one another on their Instagram accounts.

The photo above was taken from Beckham’s Instagram account and shows Boone and Beckham enjoying some quality time together– well, virtually at least.

Boone was the first audition for American Idol, and Perry told him that he could win the whole show if he wanted to.

Beckham is a multi-hyphenate in the musical sphere– not only is he a singer, but he plays guitar, drums, bass, and “almost any string instrument.”

According to The Hollywood Times, Beckham started writing his own material in the spring of 2020. At this point, he has enough content for an entire album and hopes he can release one in 2021.

He Started Taking Song Requests When the Pandemic Hit

One look at Beckham’s Instagram gives some insight into the musician’s life. Viewers will also see that not long after coronavirus hit and people were forced into lockdown, Beckham started taking on song requests via his social media accounts.

During an interview with The Hollywood Times, Beckham explained that his parents were his biggest advocates when it came time to audition for the show. “They were kinda the ones who pushed me into it… it was definitely a lot of peer pressure from my family!”

Beckham is open about the fact that he didn’t think he’d advance to meeting the judges this season. “I’m grateful for the push in that direction and them making me do something out of my comfort zone.”

During the interview, Beckham also shared that he appreciates and respects all the judges and their careers, especially since his music doesn’t just “sit in one pocket.” “I love all different types of music,” he said.

American Idol airs Sundays on ABC at 8pm ET/PT.

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