Weeks After Album Release, Carrie Underwood’s Fans Beg For a Different Record

Carrie Underwood 2022

Getty Carrie Underwood performs at CMT Fest in June 2022.

Carrie Underwood‘s newest album, “Denim & Rhinestones,” is another smash hit for the country music superstar. The 12-track album was released in June, debuting at No. 2 on the Billboard Country Albums chart, according to Yahoo. Underwood first topped that chart in Dec. 2005, as the reigning “American Idol” champion, with the release of her first album, “Some Hearts.” Each of her country albums has debuted in the Top 3 since.

But now fans are begging Underwood to record something different: a full album of hard rock tunes. The country queen is actually a huge fan of rock music and even heavy metal; recent performances of her favorite classic rock tunes, including a new cover of an old Ozzy Osbourne hit, have fans wanting more.

Fans React to Underwood’s New Cover of Ozzy Osbourne Classic

On July 15, Apple Music released Underwood’s Apple Music Sessions, featuring audio and video of her live performances of three songs: the first single from her new album, “Ghost Story;” her 2012 hit “Blown Away;” and a surprise cover of rocker Ozzy Osbourne’s 1992 hit “Mama, I’m Comin’ Home.” Underwood told Apple Music, “It’s one of my all-time favorite songs.”

When Underwood posted an excerpt of the video to Instagram on July 16, fans flooded her account with praise and requests for more, with many requesting a full rock album.

One person wrote, “All I want is Carrie to do an entire album of 80’s rock covers!!”

Another fan said, “Please. I beg of you to release an album of Rock covers. PLEASE.”

Someone wrote, “More rock, less country pop please Carrie.”

And one woman wrote, “You nailed it!!! We need more Carrieoke, queen!!!”

If Underwood gives the fans what they want, she wouldn’t be the first “Idol” winner to release an album of cover songs. On June 9, Kelly Clarkson — the first-ever “Idol” winner — released “Kellyoke,” featuring six covers of other stars’ songs, including Whitney Houston’s “Queen of the Night” and Linda Ronstadt’s “Blue Bayou.”

Underwood Reveals Her Love of Rock & Heavy Metal

On April 30, during her headlining set at the Stagecoach Festival in Indio, Calif., Underwood surprised the crowd by bringing Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose on stage to perform “Sweet Child O’ Mine” with her band. According to Rolling Stone, Underwood — a longtime GNR fan — introduced the rocker by saying, “Welcome to the greatest night of my life! Give it up for Axl Rose!”

Then, on July 2 and 3, Underwood made unannounced appearances during Guns N’ Roses’ concerts in London, posting a series of photos to her Instagram account about how excited she was about the opportunity.

In one post, she wrote, “Thanks, @gunsnroses and your crew for welcoming me into your world like family. And thanks to all the fans who gave these legends the royal welcome that they deserve! I am but a fan who somehow managed to find her way on stage to have a moment of magic with her heroes! How did I get so lucky?”

Underwood has revealed her love of rock and metal music in interviews and social media posts over the years. In an April 2021 interview, she revealed to CBS Morning News that she loves working out to metal band I Prevail’s album, “Trauma.” She warned viewers, however, that the album has “not-children-friendly words.”

When Underwood teamed up with rocker Joan Jett for the 2019-20 Sunday Night Football opening theme song, she revealed, “I’ve always been a fan of Joan Jett … I will use any excuse I can to work with Joan Jett. It’s intimidating being in the studio with someone like Joan. She’s a legend!”

While Underwood has not addressed whether she’ll actually record a full rock album, she did try to infuse a bit of rock into some of the songs on “Denim & Rhinestones,” including the song “Poor Everybody Else.” In a press release about the album, she said, “I think this whole album ended up being a big reflection of me as a person and as an artist.”

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