Watch: 17-Year-Old Katy Perry Lookalike Auditions For ‘American Idol’

Hannah Everhart

ABC/Christopher Willard

Season 4 of ABC’s American Idol premiered on February 14, 2021, and it brought with it a whole host of new performers for America to root for. One of those hopefuls is Hannah Everhart, a 17-year-old from Mississippi.

Before she even made it into the room to tape her audition, the producers asked if anyone has ever told her she looks like Idol judge Katy Perry. She responded that she gets it all the time, and she thinks that it’s her big, blue eyes that cause that response from people.

That’s not all Perry and Everhart had in common though. When the contestant shared that she often gets ribs from the gas station and eats them, Perry asked if she ate a half-slab or full slab. When Everhart said she eats a full slab, Perry said, “you sure do, ’cause I do too.”

“Are you the country version of me?” Perry asked the 17-year-old.

Watch Hannah Everhart’s Audition Video

Is Hannah Everhart The Country Version Of Katy Perry? – American Idol 2021She may be a small-town girl, but she’s got a big voice. Hannah Everhart, who reminds Katy Perry of a country version of herself, starts her American Idol audition off a little shaky, but ends in a duet with Katy! Although Katy claims to like Hannah’s “attitude problem,” will it hinder Hannah moving into Hollywood…2021-02-18T15:00:10Z

For her audition, Everhart chose to sing “Wayfaring Stranger” by Johnny Cash. When she started singing, the judges looked skeptical, and it was clear Everhart was nervous.

“Stop, stop!” Luke Bryan can be heard saying. “Quit checking us out to see what our reactions are!”

Everhart responded that she was “just really nervous” and hadn’t been looking over to see their reactions.

Perry offered advice while Everhart sang, saying things like, “more energy!” and “you’re on your horse,” to the contestant.

Everhart Sang Two Songs for Her Audition

The early release audition doesn’t show whether or not the judges give Everhart a ticket through to Hollywood week, but it’s possible based on their reactions that they’re on the fence about the young singer. They have been kind so far this season in allowing people second chances and second songs, however.

“Sorry, my voice is a little dry,” Everhart told them after she finished singing the Johnny Cash portion.

Bryan told her that she was only giving it 50% but he could tell that she had more to give and if she gave 100% she would blow everyone away.

“You know, my first song I was gonna audition with was ‘At Last’ by Etta James, but then I was like, ‘Well, let’s play it safe,'” Everhart told the judges, and they encouraged her to sing that for them.

Perry was obviously interested in Everhart’s voice, offering her encouragement once again throughout the second song she sang. She eased up and hit more notes than she had been able to in the previous song and even had a smile on her face during the second song.

By the time she finished the performance, the judges were much more interested. They were each smiling at her.

The early release video doesn’t show whether or not Everhart made it through to Hollywood week, but it’s definitely a possibility after that strong second performance.

American Idol airs on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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