Katy Perry Explains What Fans Should Expect From ‘American Idol’ Season 4

Katy Perry


Season 4 of the ABC reboot of American Idol premieres on Sunday, February 14, 2021, and coach Katy Perry recently spoke on Live! With Kelly and Ryan about what to expect in the upcoming season.

Perry talked about why the season was so important to her now that everyone was able to film together, in person again. Last season ended with virtual performances from the contestants due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A lot of our dreams have been put on hold,” Perry told the hosts. “I think a lot of the contestants said to themselves when they clicked a Zoom link to audition this year, ‘I have nothing to lose. Nothing is promised, we don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, so I’m just gonna go and swing for my dreams.”

Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan & Ryan Seacrest Spoke About the Upcoming Season

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All three of the American Idol judges plus long-time host Ryan Seacrest talked about what fans should expect in a new season of the show.

“Katy, every year people say, ‘the talent is better than last year,’ but it really is great this year,” Seacrest said. “What stands out to you about what you saw on the road specifically this year?”

Perry responded by saying that she saw a lot of people going for their dreams and living out what they wanted to do in their lives.

“The floodgates were open, concerning talent,” Perry said. “Nobody was busy, they were just ready to take ahold of their dreams, you know?”

Perry Says ‘American Idol’ Keeps Getting Better

While talking about what kind of talent to expect on the upcoming season, Perry said that she believed that people were getting better every year.

“This is season 4 now on ABC, and it just keeps getting better and better, and I think people trust us, and artists, especially, and real musicians, not just great singers but people with the whole package, and that’s really what defines an American Idol, not just an American singer,” Perry said.

The in-house mentor Bobby Bones also returns to the show this season, and he’s talked about what to expect on the show as well, according to Parade.

Bones talked about his reasons for returning for yet another season of the show as the in-house mentor.

“Working with Idol is great because this is really the one singing competition show that is about the artist,” he shared. “And so, even from season one on ABC, it was, ‘Hey, let’s see what I can lend to the contestants.’ Because I didn’t really know yet; I hadn’t been on the show yet.”

Bones opened up about what to expect in the upcoming season including the inclusion of TikTok stars and other influencers.

Idol acknowledges the real world, meaning it’s aware that people are getting [known from] TikTok and Instagram,” he said. “We’re like, ‘Great, come be exactly who you are, we’re not going to change you. Let’s see how far your talent and your voice will take you.”

According to the interview, the categories in the upcoming season have changed.

“We have changed the categories a bit where people get to choose their format,” he shared. “So that’s a change. In Hollywood Week, the judges went around into the rooms a bit more than ever before and worked with the contestants as well. We had duets last year, but the big twist this year was the judges paired people up.”

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