Thomas Ravenel’s Ex-Girlfriend Slams ‘Southern Charm’ Cast Members

Southern Charm Season 5 Reunion Spoilers

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Thomas Ravenel’s ex-girlfriend Ashley Jacobs may have left Bravo’s Southern Charm reality show franchise, but she isn’t totally done throwing shots at the cast members. Jacobs appeared on seasons 5 and 6 of Southern Charm as Ravenel’s girlfriend in season 5 and his ex making appearances on season 6.

Jacobs and Ravenel’s relationship played out onscreen and the two ended up calling it quits in August 2018 after dating for over a year. Ravenel didn’t return to season 6 of the show following allegations of sexual assault. Shortly after her split from Ravenel, Jacobs packed up and returned to her native state of California. While she’s physically removed herself from the state, she hasn’t removed herself from the drama.

Ashley Jacobs and Kathryn Dennis – Thomas Ravenel’s ex-girlfriend and mother to his two children – virtually appeared on the show on Thursday, October 22. In preparation for the season 7 premiere on Thursday, October 29, Bravo had Jacobs and Dennis comment their reactions on the season 5 finale via video. The season 5 finale – titled “Ho Ho Ho” – featured all the personalities attending Patricia Altschul’s Winter Ball, but things go awry when they spread rumors about Jacobs and she responds with insults.

Ashley Jacobs Trashed Every Single ‘Southern Charm’ Cast Member Except for One

Jacobs certainly didn’t hold back on her feelings with the cast members. The 35-year-old nursed called out every single Southern Charm cast member, except Shep Rose. Jacobs started her comments with 33-year-old Austen Kroll. Jacobs made her feelings clear towards him when she insulted his looks and called him, “a muppet like Ernie.” Later on, Kroll appeared again and Jacobs said, “Get off my screen Austen. I hate Austen.” Jacobs also mocked his career as a bartender.

Jacobs also had some choice words to say about Kroll’s good friend, 31-year-old pillow designer Craig Conover. She first called Conover a, “slob,” and later added that he needs a therapist and his house used to be disgusting. Later in the episode, Conover was trying to talk with his ex-girlfriend Naomi Olindo when Jacobs called him a, “pussy” and added, “you’re not a genuine person honestly.”

As for Conover’s ex-girlfriend 28-year-old boutique owner Naomi Olindo, Jacobs may have spited her the most. Jacobs immediately made her point clear when she started off saying she’s not a fan of Olindo, saying, “I cannot stand watching her. I’d rather watch Kathryn [Dennis] over her.” During the Winter Ball, Conover brought a girl as his date, to which Jacobs commented that he, “finally” brought, “a girl better than Naomi…You upgraded Craig.” She ended her comments about Olindo by calling her a, “b****” and “the coldest person of all the people.”

Jacobs also spilled her true feelings for 36-year-old Cameran Eubanks. While entering the Winter Ball, Eubanks was getting help walking up the stairs in her long gown. Jacobs wished her ill will, saying, “Trip up the stairs Cameran.” She added that she found Eubanks to be, “so fake, so fake.”

Jacobs even had choice words to say about the hostess, 79-year-old Patricia Altschul. While looking back on the Winter Ball, she insulted the food Altschul served her guests. Jacobs also said that Altschul lacks class. She also called Danni Baird – who frequently appears on the show – “fake.”

Ashley Jacobs Slammed Thomas Ravenel & Kathryn Dennis

This commentary from Jacobs took place over two years since Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel broke up, but she still had things to say about both him and Kathryn Dennis. Jacobs – who’s had a new boyfriend for over eight months – said of Ravenel that he’s been replaced. She later said that Ravenel, “doesn’t have a noggin,” and hinted that she felt like he never defender her. “One time he [Ravenel] defends me,” she said during a scene where Ravenel denies that Jacobs was an escort.

As for Kathryn Dennis, Jacobs didn’t hold back. Dennis began by commenting on her looks, calling her, “brave” to film without makeup on when getting ready for the Winter Ball. She also noted that, “the only thing that Kathryn is good at doing is twerking.” Throughout the episode, Jacobs commented on various aspects of Dennis’ life. She called Dennis the, “ice queen,” said she still doesn’t care about Dennis, and added, “who’s the one who got pregnant from a rich old man?”

Towards the end of the finale, Jacobs and Dennis get into an argument over the dynamic between the two of them and Ravenel. During the argument, Jacobs claimed that Dennis was jealous of her and that Dennis was just an, “egg donor,” and would never be a family with Ravenel.

While watching it back and commenting, Jacobs remained fairly quiet and visibly uncomfortable during the escalated parts of the argument, but she still added her two cents. When Jacobs insinuated that Dennis was jealous of her life with Ravenel on the show, she said, “It’s true. She still wants that life, so I mean I’m speaking the truth.” Jacobs added, “We don’t hate you, we just can’t stand you.”

When Dennis called Jacobs a, “psycho” during the finale, Jacobs commented back on the rewatch saying, “It takes one to know one.” She added, “I don’t care about you Kathryn, that’s why I threatened you. Grow up.” After the finale ended, Jacobs finished her commentary by apologizing to Dennis. “Kathryn I want to wholeheartedly apologize for the awful mean-spirited things I said to you,” she said to the camera. “I wish you the best life ever truly from the bottom of my heart.”

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