‘Big Brother’ 2021 Spoilers: Week 8 Eviction & New HOH Results

Big Brother 23

CBS Who will be evicted from the "Big Brother" house tonight?

September is here, which means less than four weeks remain until the “Big Brother 23” finale. After tonight’s live eviction, we’ll be down to the final eight houseguests.

Tonight, Sarah Beth and Kyland are on the block. Tiffany nominated them before she was dethroned by the Coin of Destiny. But Claire decided to use her secret HOH powers to keep nominations the same.

When Hannah won Power of Veto, she took the third nominee, Xavier, off the block. Despite Kyland’s entreaties to use the veto on him instead, Hannah stuck to the plan and took note of Kyland’s selfishness.

Will Sarah Beth be evicted tonight? Or will The Cookout take this opportunity to get rid of Kyland? Plus, who will become the new Head of Household?

Follow along with our live coverage of tonight’s episode below.

Do not keep reading if you do not want to read spoilers of tonight’s episode.

8:03 PM EST: The soundbite right before the opening theme is Sarah Beth saying “we’re just not likable.” Great start to the episode!

8:05 PM EST: Hannah feels like pulling Xavier off the block was the right move for both The Cookout and her personal game. It helped her build trust with both Xavier and Alyssa who are all about loyalty.

8:07 PM EST: Alyssa jokingly tells Claire, “If SB leaves this week, you’re the last white person in the house.” Claire is jokingly like, “wow, is there an alliance I don’t know about?” Claire, if you only knew! Xavier is trying to keep his cool and act like he didn’t even think about the fact that there are no white guys on the jury this year.

8:08 PM EST: Xavier is frustrated that his good buddy Alyssa accidentally put an idea of The Cookout into Claire’s head. This might put a target on Alyssa’s back!

8:09 PM EST: There is a large buzzing insect wreaking havoc in the backyard. Big D, Hannah, and Tiffany are freaking out on the hammock and…Hannah falls out of the hammock and slams her head.

8:10 PM EST: Tiffany blames Big D for jumping out of the hammock and launching Hannah out.”I definitely want to let you know to blame Derek.” – Tiffany.

8:10 PM EST: Absolute chaos in the BB house, now the kitchen is on fire. Smoke everywhere because of Azah’s steak.

8:12 PM EST: Hannah is icing her head and absolving Big D of his guilt.

8:16 PM EST: Azah, Big D, Tiffany, and Hannah are all chatting about how amazing it is that no one knows about The Cookout. Kyland walks in and they realize they’ve never had this many of them altogether in the same room. They then go wake up Xavier so they can make The Cookout “officially official.”

8:17 PM EST: Big D says he would put Claire and Alyssa on the block together if he wins HOH next week.

8:18 PM EST: The three Cookout men discuss what will happen once it’s down to the final six. Xavier sees advantages to working with the guys but also sees an advantage to working with Tiff and Hannah. The Cookout men are nervous about the fact that the jury will be mostly women.

8:19 PM EST: Tiffany and Kyland chat. They both say they want Derek F. gone first out of the six. They talk about Xavier being the next person out of the group to go home.

8:20 PM EST: Kyland says his true final two is with Tiffany but he still isn’t sure whether he trusts her or Xavier more.

8:21 PM EST: Tiffany talks to the camera. She’s glad Kyland wants a final two with her and she’ll use that to her advantage. But she still plans to take Hannah to the final two.

8:22 PM EST: Just realized that this episode isn’t devoting any time to Sarah Beth. They aren’t even pretending there’s a chance she’ll stay this week which is kind of nice but kind of sad.

8:24 PM EST: We finally get to see some of Britini’s martial arts moves!…too bad it’s on a statue at the jury house.

8:25 PM EST: Britini is disappointed to see Derek X. joining her in the jury house. She predicted it would be Sarah Beth, Alyssa, or Kyland instead.

8:26 PM EST: Britini and Derek X. watch footage from the last week. Britini is convinced that she could’ve won the balance beam HOH comp.

8:27 PM EST: It’s no fun reliving Baby D’s demise!!

8:29 PM EST: Derek X. said he was confused by his eviction until he saw the goodbye messages. Kyland said he was part of an alliance that’s been together since week one and still has all its members in the house.

8:30 PM EST: Derek X. and Britini are close to figuring out The Cookout. They suspect that Kyland, Xavier, Tiffany, and Azah are working together and they suspect that the group is using duos as shields, which is true. However, they aren’t sure if Hannah and Derek F. are involved. They think Hannah would’ve told Derek X. about it. Awww.

8:34 PM EST: Time for SB’s eviction speech. She claims there are reasonable, tactical reasons to keep her in the game.

8:36 PM EST: Kyland acknowledges that he talks a lot in his speech. At least he’s self-aware! But it’s rough to see him claiming he wants people to consider saving SB. Easy to be chivalrous when you already know for a fact you’re safe!

8:37 PM EST: Another Derek F. “evote” in the books!

8:38 PM EST: Alyssa gives Christian a shoutout after her vote. Tiffany gives Sarah Beth a sympathy vote by voting to evict Kyland.

8:39 PM EST: It’s official. Sarah Beth has been evicted by a vote of 5-1.

8:40 PM EST: As Sarah Beth is giving her goodbye hugs, Hannah tells SB not to forget Tiffany. But Tiffany says she already got a hug. It’s sort of an awkward moment.

8:41 PM EST: Apparently Azah’s memory wall photo also went black and white and the houseguests are shrieking about it.

8:42 PM EST: It feels almost unfair for Julie to ask evicted houseguests why they think they were targeted when they’re so in the dark about The Cookout. At least SB doesn’t claim everyone knows she would’ve won over them as Britini did.

8:43 PM EST: Sarah Beth says she thinks the secret HOH was Tiffany or Claire. She also knows Tiffany cast a sympathy vote for her.

8:44 PM EST: In the goodbye messages, Claire admits to being the secret HOH, Azah hints at “furthering a mission that’s close to her heart” in the house, and Kyland admits that he’s in a secret alliance!

8:51 PM EST: As the outgoing secret HOH, Claire will compete in tonight’s competition, but she’s not eligible to win. That means she must throw the competition. It’s The Cookout vs. Alyssa tonight.

8:52 PM EST: Tonight’s competition is circus-themed. It’s called “Flying BBinos.” It’s an endurance competition, so Alyssa actually has a good shot at winning. Houseguests must stand on discs and hold onto the attached ropes for as long as they can. But the ropes are spinning in the air and houseguests repeatedly slam into Bubbles the Elephant as they make a circle. Bubbles has bubbles coming out of his rear end.

8:58 PM EST: Julie Chen Moonves reveals that the next two evictions in a row will be double evictions.

8:59 PM EST: Big D fell off his disc during the commercial break.

8:59 PM EST: The houseguests are now being squirted with water as they spin. And Alyssa’s down. So much for an upset this week!

9:05 PM EST: Everyone else is still in.

9:08 PM EST: Hannah is struggling. She’s spinning a lot.

9:09 PM EST: At this point, Claire is just hanging on so she isn’t a Have Not. The first three people down are Have Nots this week.

9:11 PM EST: Big D is giving Azah elephant warnings from the sidelines. Xavier looks pretty comfortable honestly.

9:12 PM EST: Kyland says he’s going to take a nap. Claire is down.

9:13 PM EST: Hannah is down.

9:14 PM EST: Xavier is down. It kind of looks like he threw it. Alyssa says she blacked out before falling down and then threw up.

9:17 PM EST: Azah is down. It’s down to just Tiffany and Kyland.

9:19 PM EST: Azah is also nauseous.

9:21 PM EST: Tiffany looks a bit more comfortable than Kyland. But Kyland likes winning things.

9:23 PM EST: Big D says the ropes just sped up.

9:24 PM EST: Kyland asks the other houseguests if they can give them a minute, presumably so he can make a deal with Tiffany in private. But the other houseguests don’t move.

9:27 PM EST: You can hear Azah vomiting. Perks of wearing a microphone 24/7!

9:30 PM EST: And Kyland is down.

9:30 PM EST: Tiffany is Head of Household for the second week in a row! Who will she nominate this week?

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