Why Two ‘Big Brother’ Players Are No Longer Friends


Sometimes it’s hard to separate gameplay from friendship on a show like Big Brother — and it’s even trickier when the friendship existed before the game. Daniele Donato Briones understands that it’s just a game, but she still felt very hurt by the way Nicole Franzel betrayed her on all-stars and she says she would have played the game very differently if she had known exactly what was going on.

Donato and Franzel Were Friends Way Before All-Stars

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In a recent interview on Nicole Anthony’s podcast “Hello Friends,” Donato Briones talked about how she and Nicole Franzel had been friends “for six years” before all-stars and after all-stars they no longer are.

“We had been friends for a really long time, like a really long time. I talked to her a lot for many years about many different things. We were really good friends,” said Donato Briones. “And I’ve just come to learn that maybe I was a closer friend to her and that’s all. That’s OK! There’s nothing wrong with that.”

But she added, “I think it’s really hard for people to navigate when they have friends in the house how to play the game and still be friends to people.”

Donato Briones went on to say that Franzel lied to her “before going in the house” and “that’s not game” to her. That’s a line a friend shouldn’t cross.

She didn’t come right out and specify what Franzel lied about, but based on her other comments about the season, it sounds like Franzel wasn’t entirely honest about her pre-game alliance with Cody Calafiore.

Donato Briones Said She’s Never Been Hurt by a Friend This Way

Donato Briones went on to say that she’s not mad and she’s “over everything,” but she was “really, really, really hurt by Nicole.”

“I’ve truly never been hurt by an actual friend the way that Nicole hurt me this season,” said Donato Briones, adding, “I’ve never been in [the Big Brother house], obviously, with somebody I considered a friend and I’ve never felt duped by somebody the way that I felt by her. I always had her back, I was always gonna do everything for her. I was genuinely really, really hurt by her.”

Donato Briones also said that she only trusted Calafiore because Franzel did and when she finally realized what was going on, it was a huge shock.

“I did not know Nicole and Cody were close and if I would’ve known that, obviously, I would have played by cards with him a little bit different. With her, obviously a lot different, but I trusted Cody because I didn’t think that they had any type of anything,” said Donato Briones. “But again, obviously, I couldn’t get through that and I didn’t know that. So it was kind of just a waste of my time. And that is the reason I trusted him so much … I was being lied to on both sides and I’ve never played Big Brother where your two closest allies are not your two closest allies. I’ve always played where it’s two sides, your ride-or-dies, it’s us against them … that’s how I thought we were playing … I thought it was me and my people, let’s do this and I had nobody. I literally had nobody.”

After getting her goodbye messages in the jury house, Donato Briones said she “cried a lot” over Franzel’s betrayal.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring.

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