Exclusive: Alyssa Snider Says Her Future With Kyle Capener Is ‘Up in the Air’


CBS Alyssa Snider exit interview

On the Thursday, September 15 episode of “Big Brother,” Alyssa Snider was evicted with a tie-breaker vote. Alyssa and Taylor Hale both received one vote, forcing the current HOH Monte Taylor to make the final decision. Monte chose to save Taylor, sending Alyssa out the door.

Alyssa entered the “Big Brother” house as a self-described superfan who had been studying the game for years. At one point, Alyssa said her family would practice famous “Big Brother” competitions at home in their backyard.

Despite her knowledge of the game, Alyssa struggled to find her footing in the “Big Brother” house. As the game progressed, Alyssa’s alliances started to dwindle and her road to victory became paved with obstacles.

Heavy had the chance to chat with Alyssa and get her thoughts on her eviction.

Here’s what you need to know:

Alyssa Snider on Her ‘Big Brother’ Eviction

Big Brother 24: Alyssa Exit InterviewBig Brother 24: Alyssa exit interview for Heavy.com2022-09-16T19:11:51Z


Heavy: How surprised were you by the vote last night? Did you think you had the votes to stay?

Alyssa: I was very hopeful that I had the votes to stay. I was hoping that at the end of the day, Turner had my back but I wasn’t banking on it. He was giving me, ‘You have my vote. You have my vote,’ but something just felt a little bit off, so I was preparing myself to leave the house last night.

Heavy: If you had won HOH this week, who would you have targeted?

Alyssa: I would have targeted Monte because that meant that I would have stayed in the house [and] Turner would have had my back. I think Monte is a fierce competitor and I think he can win this game.

Heavy: If you could press the rewind button and start the season over, what, if anything, would you have done differently?

Alyssa: I would’ve kept Po’s Pack strong. I would’ve strategized with everybody inside of that alliance and I [would have] taken that all the way to the end.

Heavy: You are going to be reunited with Kyle in the jury house. How are you feeling about seeing him again? Is there any chance you two will get back together?

Alyssa: I am very nervous about seeing Kyle in the jury house. I honestly don’t know where we stand. We had a lot of highs, and we had a lot of lows. There are definitely a lot of conversations to be had. I wouldn’t cross us off the list of getting back together. I would say that it’s definitely up in the air until we have these conversations.

Heavy: Who do you think will be the next member of the jury?

Alyssa: I hope it’s not Brittany because I think she’s the one who voted to keep me to stay. I hope it’s not, but I think it will be.

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