‘Big Brother’s’ Nicole Franzel Fires Back at the ‘Haters’

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother: All-Stars

CBS Nicole Franzel on Big Brother: All-Stars

It’s no secret that when contestants leave the Big Brother house, they are often set upon by the fans of the show who were not exactly fans of them. Nicole Franzel in particular seems to be a very divisive houseguest — some people love her, others absolutely despise her and there is little in between.

In a series of Instagram posts, Franzel is firing back at her “haters” and reveals how she has turned the hate into a positive thing.

Franzel Said This Is Difficult to Talk About

In the first of three posts about how the online fans have affected her life, Franzel wrote that she has “so much” she wants to say, but it’s difficult to articulate. Most of it she’s going to save for the book she plans to write, but this is the first taste of it.

She also thanked her supporters and loved ones.

“First off, to my family, friends, supporters, THANK YOU. I love you, I see you, I feel you. I will always remember what you’ve done for me. You’re a HUGE part of where I’ve been & where I’m heading — I’ll forever be grateful,” wrote Franzel.

Franzel Then Said The Haters and Attention-Seekers Have Given Her So Much

Franzel went on to write that the past year, including her time on Big Brother: All Stars, has “changed [her] drastically.”

“I found out what it feels like to have people dedicate their lives in an attempt to destroy mine (I believe ‘haters’ is the term people use). Why? Maybe because they thought this would bring them happiness — but you don’t get happiness from taking someone else’s away,” wrote Franzel.

But she said that the haters didn’t get what they wanted — they didn’t take away her happiness.

“It’s remarkable. These haters/liars/attention seekers actually gave me more than I had a year ago,” she said and went on to add, “I now hold the power of my happiness. Before I was looking for validation in the wrong places—on social media. That’s why I would post. Right? I always wanted to take a break because I knew that’s what my soul needed. I wasn’t in a place to feel confident enough to do so, therefore I didn’t. I put my mental health on hold.”

Franzel then said she hardly ever picks up her phone nowadays because she’s focusing on her “REAL relationships,” which “couldn’t be stronger.”

“So, thank you. You haters did that for me,” Franzel concluded. “Money isn’t what makes me happy. ‘Things’ isn’t what makes me happy. So you can take those. I’m writing a new story, it’s about time. So much is changing!”

Franzel recently got married to fellow Big Brother 18 alum Victor Arroyo. They had to push their wedding back several times due to travel restrictions amidst the pandemic. But in mid-March they wed in a small ceremony in Florida with fellow “Big Brother” stars Josh Martinez, Christmas Abbott, and Memphis Garrett in attendance, plus “The Amazing Race” alums Leo Temory and Bret LaBelle.

They are also expecting a baby, which they revealed just after their wedding is a bouncing baby boy who will be named Victor Arroyo IV.

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring.

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