Big Brother 24: Week 5 Veto Spoilers


On the Sunday, August 7 episode of “Big Brother,” Michael was crowned Head of Household.

After the competition, Michael confided in his Festie Bestie Brittany and the Leftovers alliance to decide who to nominate.

The consensus was to backdoor Daniel. Monte proposed nominating his Festie Bestie group as pawns because there is a good chance they could win the Veto.

At the nomination ceremony, Michael nominated the Festie Besties Monte, Joseph, and Terrance for eviction.

So, who won the Power of Veto?

Keep reading to find out.


Who Won the Veto?

OTEV returns! This week the houseguests competed in the infamous OTEV competition.

According to Big Brother Network, the houseguests competed individually for the Veto, but whoever won guaranteed safety for themself and their Festie Bestie.

Big Brother Network reported that Michael won the Power of Veto, his fourth Veto win of the season.

Did Michael Use the Veto?


Now that Michael had won the Veto, it was time to execute the Leftovers plan and backdoor Daniel. But before the Veto ceremony, multiple houseguests approached Michael and pitched a new target.

Jasmine and Terrance approached Michael in the HOH room and suggested the house vote out Monte, who is a member of the Leftovers alliance.

Jasmine and Terrance are not included in the alliance.

Michael admitted the idea was tempting since Monte is a huge threat in the house, but in the end, he decided to stick to the original plan.

According to Big Brother Network, the Festie Besties Michael and Brittany used the Power of Veto to remove Terrance, Joseph, and Monte from the block.

They then named Kyle and Daniel as the replacement nominees. If everything goes according to plan, Daniel will be sent packing during Thursday’s live eviction episode.

Michael Reveals If He Would Ever Throw a Competition

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Before the “Big Brother” season kicked off, Michael spoke to Us Weekly about all things “Big Brother 24.”

In his interview, Michael revealed if he would ever throw a competition.

Michael said there is only one scenario where he would consider throwing a competition.

“The only scenario where I could see myself throwing a competition was if I was HOH and had a backdoor plan with two pawns on the block and the Veto came down to me and my two pawns,” he told the outlet. “I think that’s the only way that [I would] feel comfortable enough throwing a competition.”

The description Michael provided seems eerily similar to his situation this week. Since Michael clearly did not throw the Veto competition, Monte, Joseph, and Terrance likely did not perform well in the competition. But we will have to wait and see how it all went down.

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“Big Brother 24” airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on CBS and Paramount Plus.

Stay tuned for more “Big Brother 24” updates.

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