Whitney Williams Says Her Ex From ‘Too Hot to Handle’ ‘Loved Bombed’ Her

Whitney Williams Big Brother

CBS Whitney Williams on 'Big Brother 23.'

Whitney Williams, who competed on “Big Brother 23,” has opened up about her relationship with “Too Hot to Handle” alum, Gerrie Labuschagne.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Williams explained how their relationship began when Labuschagne messaged her on TikTok.

“I had posted a video being, like, ‘This is why I’m single. I’m an entrepreneur, I have high expectations and I’m a single mom,’” Williams told the outlet. “He saw that and reached out to me and then we talked — sometimes we would talk on the phone for 12 hours a day or be on FaceTime, like, we would just set the phone down and do chores while we’re on the phone together. We’d fall asleep on the phone together. Now I feel like it was all bulls—t.”

Williams continued, “He got me. He love bombed the s—t out of me. He said all the things that I wanted to hear because I was a single mom.” Williams has two sons, 8-year-old Paxton and 5-year-old Ryker. Healthline describes love bombing as “when someone overwhelms you with loving words, actions, and behavior as a manipulation technique.”

Labuschagne Left to Film ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Without Telling Williams

Williams told Us Weekly that Labuschagne sent her a ring and spoke to her sons about marrying her. “He proposed to me in November (2020),” she told the outlet. “We broke up, like, a couple of weeks after that, and then he started filming ‘Too Hot to Handle’ about a month after that.”

Although Williams had known that Labuschange was supposed to film a show called “Beyond Parties of Paradise” at some point (the fake name given to season three “Too Hot to Handle” contestants so they wouldn’t know what show they were going on), she says he didn’t tell her he was leaving to film the show.

Williams says Labuschagne “dropped off the face of the Earth” in January 2021 and she reached out to two of his guy friends to make sure he was okay. “They completely ignored my messages, so then I reached out to one of his girlfriends that I know and asked her the same thing. She was like, ‘Whitney, I’m so sorry to be the one to tell you this, he’s gone filming that show that he told us all about. I don’t think he’ll be back for another month or so,'” Williams told Us Weekly.

Williams Felt Like Labuschagne Used the Same Strategy On ‘Too Hot to Handle’ That Worked On Her

Watching Labuschagne on “Too Hot to Handle,” Williams felt that Labuschagne’s strategy for getting girls was all too familiar.

“I saw his episode on ‘Too Hot to Handle’ where he was like, ‘I know how I’m gonna get her attention, this is how I get all the ladies interested in me.’ He’s like, ‘I really want to have a family, I can’t wait to settle down.’ And that’s absolutely what he did with me. I’d been single for four years at that point — my ex left me when I was eight months pregnant,” Williams told Us Weekly.

She also revealed that Labuschagne called her up shortly after filming for “Too Hot to Handle” wrapped. But when she heard another girl’s voice in the room with him, Williams says, “he got this, like, panicked look on his face. He hung up the phone really quick.”

Williams and Labuschagne broke up for good in November 2021, well after Williams’ stint in the “Big Brother” house ended in August 2021.

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