What Happened to Chris Kattan on ‘Celebrity Big Brother?’

Chris Kattan Celebrity Big Brother

CBS Chris Kattan on 'Celebrity Big Brother.'

On February 9, the “Celebrity Big Brother” live feeds made it clear that Chris Kattan had left the competition and he wasn’t coming back.

Although CBS did not confirm that Kattan had left, the comedian shared an Instagram photo from outside the house on February 9. Evicted houseguest Teddi Mellencamp commented on the post, “Thank you for your kindness and all the laughs in the house! Love this post. Welcome home.”

After Miesha Tate nominated Carson Kressley and Cynthia for eviction, Carson wondered aloud to Cynthia why Miesha hadn’t just nominated Kattan. In the previous eviction ceremony, Kattan asked the houseguests to vote him out and keep Mirai Nagasu. After the next Head of Household competition, Kattan left the backyard area early because he wasn’t feeling well.

In the February 11 episode of “Celebrity Big Brother,” more information about Kattan’s sudden absence in the house was revealed.

Chris Kattan Quit ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Because He Was ‘Really Struggling’

In the episode, Chris Kirkpatrick asked Kattan how he was doing. “I’m having a very tough time still. I was great now I’m like okay, I wanna go back home,” Kattan replied.

Later, Miesha came out of the diary room holding an envelope and announced that she had an important announcement. “Where’s Kattan?” Todd Bridges asked. Miesha opened the envelope and read aloud to the houseguests, “Chris Kattan will not be continuing in the ‘Big Brother’ game. He wants you all to know that he’s okay.”

“Chris has been really struggling,” said Todrick in a diary room session. Kattan recorded a video message addressing his fellow houseguests and telling them he was sorry he hadn’t said goodbye in person. “I think a lot of you know that this experience has been a difficult thing for me to do,” he told them.

Kattan told the houseguests that they’d all impacted his life in different ways. He called Miesha a sweetheart and thanked Chris Kirkpatrick for always asking him how he was doing each day. He said he wouldn’t miss Todd Bridges’ snoring but would miss his humor and called Lamar Odom out for his “toxic farts,” adding that the former NBA player should probably see a doctor. He complimented Shanna’s hair and Cynthia’s baking. “Todrick, you have the best butt in the biz,” the comedian said.

The houseguests had nothing but nice things to say about the “Saturday Night Live” alum after his departure. “His happiness is the most important thing,” said Shanna.

Kattan Suffered a Severe Neck Injury in 2001

In his 2019 memoir, “Baby, Don’t Hurt Me: Stories and Scars from Saturday Night Live,” Kattan claims that he broke his neck during an episode of “Saturday Night Live” in 2001. He’s had multiple surgeries since then and still suffers from pain and discomfort as a result of his injury.

“As a physical comedian, I had always been worried about waking up with a whole different body one day,” Kattan writes in the book. “That fear became my reality. After those forty-five seconds on the ‘SNL’ stage in May of 2001, my body would never, ever be the same.”

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