‘Big Brother’s’ Will Kirby Returning to TV On ‘Dream’ Show

'Big Brother' winner Dr. Will Kirby

Instagram 'Big Brother' winner Dr. Will Kirby

Big news for “Big Brother” fans this fall. All-star player Dr. Will Kirby is returning to TV — and it’s on a scripted TV show. Details are still being kept quiet, but here’s what he could divulge to Heavy.

Kirby Booked His ‘Dream’ Scripted TV Show

In an interview with Kirby for “Big Brother 23,” we asked him about returning to “Big Brother” or perhaps trying his hand at another reality show and that’s when he dropped the bombshell that he’s actually going to be on a scripted TV series.

When asked if he would ever try his hand at something like “Dancing With the Stars,” Kirby said:

I’ll likely never be a contestant on a competition based show again. But I did recently participate in a few episodes of my dream scripted show. It’s going to air late this fall … when it airs all my entertainment dreams will have come to fruition. I have to be cryptic for now, but you’ll understand more this December!

We can’t wait to see what it is!

Would He Return to ‘Big Brother’ For a Celebrity Edition?

We feel like Kirby would actually qualify for a celebrity season of “Big Brother,” which CBS just so happens to be airing this coming winter in 2022. So, would he come back for that? Kirby said he wouldn’t rule it out.

“As far as a celebrity season is concerned, I just haven’t had the bandwidth to seriously entertain that as a possibility. Yet,” said Kirby cheekily.

But he did say that as far as regular “Big Brother” is concerned, he has achieved all he can achieve in that regard.

“I’ve won the show, I dominated the first all-star season, I’ve hosted the jury roundtable for seven seasons, and I’ve been on more different seasons of ‘Big Brother’ than any other houseguest in the entire history of this storied franchise. I hope this statement doesn’t come off as conceited but there just isn’t anything left for me to accomplish in terms of a traditional, regular ‘Big Brother’ season,” said Kirby.

What About ‘Survivor’?

We told Kirby that a lot of former “Big Brother” contestants have said they would love to try their hands at “Survivor,” so would he ever appear on that reality show?

“I’ve been turning down competition-based reality show for a long time now. Again, I just don’t have a lot to accomplish in the non-scripted realm,” said Kirby.

He also wondered, “Why are former ‘Big Brother’ houseguests always trying to pitch themselves for other shows after losing ‘Big Brother’? We’ve seen some people get voted out of ‘Big Brother’ two, three, even four times now. They even do worse with each subsequent appearance. How many times do they have to lose a show before they acknowledge that they just aren’t very good at reality television? We’ve even seen former houseguests lose multiple different shows (‘Big Brother,’ ‘Survivor,’ ‘The Amazing Race,’ ‘The Price is Right,’ ‘The Challenge,’ etc.) and still beg for more chances! Here’s a novel idea: Get on a show once or even twice maybe. And completely rock it. Leave it all on the field. And then move on and manifest a meaningful life.”

He continued, “My polite, unsolicited advice to former reality contestants is to not spend their existence trying to get on competition-based reality shows only to lose over and over and over. It’s really OK to try your best and to move on. Win or lose, try your best and hang up the towel. When former houseguests call me after their season ends or pull me aside to speak to me at the finale I tell them the something very, very important: Good or bad, don’t let your time on ‘Big Brother’ define you. Move forward and accomplish great things.”

Speaking of accomplishing great things, Kirby told us that as Chief Medical Officer of LaserAway, they opened their 73rd clinic this fall and are in the process of expanding nationwide.

“Our field is desperate for disruption and that is exactly what we are doing. I will not sleep until LaserAway is a household name. We have clinics in the biggest cities in the US so come see us in-person for your minimally-invasive aesthetic treatments or check out our skincare products available on-line!” said Kirby.

“Big Brother” returns this winter with a third celebrity edition, then season 24 should return in the summer of 2022.

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