‘Below Deck’ Fan Favorite Opens Up About Near-Death Accident

Below Deck Captain Lee

Bravo Captain Lee Rosbach on Below Deck

Eddie Lucas has been a longtime staple on “Below Deck” from his debut in season 1 to his return after a multi-year break in season 8. While fans know him as a yachtie and now as a first officer, the Bravo star actually has a vastly different job outside of the hit show and he recently spilled about a near-death accident he suffered in his other job.

As he explained in the past to Bravo, when he’s not working on superyachts, Lucas is a first mate in Baltimore working on tugboats. He said the job allows him to work on the water but also have the “freedom to start a life and kind of settle down a little bit.”

Lucas explained that he works as a first mate on a four-person tugboat and shared that it’s a difficult job, “24 hours a day, seven days a week for two weeks that we’re on, and it’s constant work.” He said, “I’m up all night long almost every single night doing pretty inherently risky activities, docking massive ships into Baltimore Harbor.”

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Lucas Explained How the Accident Happened on Malia White’s Podcast

During a recent appearance on “Below Deck Mediterranean” star Malia White‘s new podcast, “Total Ship Show,” Lucas explained a terrifying experience that he went through while working on a tugboat. He said the first week after he became a mate, they were working with an inbound container ship. At around 4 in the morning, when it was “pitch black,” he explained:

I was on a tugboat that really had terrible visibility in the wheelhouse. We had a wind that was blowing up from the stern, so it was blowing the exhaust past the windows and the floodlights were illuminating the exhaust. So it was really tough to see that I was actually slowly creeping in on the ship.

He said eventually, a glare from the floodlights made him realize that the tugboat was “not even a foot away” and getting even closer to the ship they were guiding. He explained that ships have a bow flare and “a tugboat can’t fit underneath that.” He said that the corner of his wheelhouse actually connected with the underside of the bow flare.

“As soon as it hit, all of the windows around me pretty much exploded in and the wheelhouse started getting crushed in on me and then it started pushing us over,” he continued. He said if it had kept pushing the tugboat over, they would have flipped over and the crew would have had a lot of difficulties getting out.

“It was a really close call but I was able to put both my engines in full reverse and grind my way out of there,” he continued. “But it was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever been through on a boat. We were really close to paying the piper on that one. Yeah, that was pretty wild.” He added, “If the tugboat flipped, there was a good chance that everybody on board died.”

Lucas Said He Thought He Would Be Fired Afterward

Lucas also told White that the captain and engineer were both sleeping because it was his night watch, but they woke up as the accident was happening. He explained that he was sure he would lose his job but the captain was very understanding.

Lucas shared that the type of tugboat they were operating was known to have poor visibility in the wheelhouse, so that was a big factor in him not losing his job. “We have found out that actually, this class of tugboat had a lot of the same problems because of the lack of visibility in the wheelhouse,” he spilled.

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