Fans Sound Off on Bravo Star’s Reality TV Dating Past

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Getty A couple holding hands

Carl Radke is happily dating his “Summer House” co-star Lindsay Hubbard now but fans are seeing his past summer as a single man currently airing on season 6 of the Bravo show. This past episode, Radke opened up to new girl Mya Allen that he was seeing a woman named Mackenzie and was very interested in her.

He told Allen that he was being slow and cautious but was excited about the possibility of becoming more serious with Mackenzie and specifically mentioned that he was happy that he knew he could depend on her being sober if he called late at night. Fans were shocked when producers flashed a photo of Radke and Mackenzie together on the screen as they saw it was none other than Mackenzie Dipman from the U.S.’s “Love Island” season 2.

Dipman joined the “Love Island” cast and soon developed a relationship with her co-star Connor Trott, although things didn’t work out and she left the island alone. However, they reignited their romance after filming ended and dated for several months until breaking up for good in March 2021. Once “Summer House” fans saw that Radke was seeing Dipman, they expressed their shock on social media and many commented their displeasure with the pairing.

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Summer House Fans Were Less Than Thrilled About Radke Revealing That He Was Dating Dipman

Many fans were shocked at the revelation that Radke’s Mackenzie was none other than Dipman, star of “Love Island” season 2, and many fans shared their disappointment in his choice. One person wrote, “Carl date crazy a** [Mackenzie] from Love Island?!”

Another person said, “Omg…Carl’s chick is from Love Island.” One tweet read, “Wait Carl was talking to love island’s Mackenzie?” Another person wrote, “Carl dated terrible MacKenzie from Love Island … I need to process. Thank god he updated to HubHouse.” One message read, “not carl dating mackenzie from love island” with a skull emoji.

Someone else said, “Hold up! That blonde with Carl is from Love Island. Ughhhh so glad he’s with Lindsey now.” Another agreed, writing, “THANK GOD Carl did not end up dating Mackenzie from Love Island.” Yet another fan wrote, “Not Carl with Love Island Mackenzie Dipman!!!!!! I thought he was moving in a good direction.” One reaction was, “Carl nooooooo! MacKenzie from #LoveIsland ??? Ugh you can do way better.”

On the other hand, one fan said Mackenzie was their favorite and hoped she’d appear on the seventh season of “Summer House.” “My favorite Love Islander of all time is on a date with Carl this week, omg she needs to join S7,” they wrote. Another person said, “I totally forgot that Carl dated Mackenzie from #loveislandusa I can’t wait to see more!”

There were also several people who commented that Radke looks a lot like Dipman’s ex Connor Trott, who also appeared on “Love Island” season 2. “Carl looks so much like Connor from Love Island, no wonder Mackenzie likes him,” one person wrote. Another agreed, sharing a side-by-side photo of the two:

Radke Is Now Officially in a Relationship With ‘Summer House’ Co-Star Lindsay Hubbard

Radke and Hubbard were not yet dating last summer when season 6 of “Summer House” was filmed but fans hoping to catch a glimpse of their relationship may be in luck. In an interview with Us Weekly, Radke hinted that viewers will see the beginning of their romance “play out toward the end” of the season.

Radke, who actually lives in the same building as Hubbard, told the publication that it was in the fall of 2021 that they started hanging out more and he began to feel like he wanted to pursue things further. “I also wanted some time for us to explore that early on [in our] relationship,” he said. Viewers saw the two best friends grow over many seasons together on “Summer House,” including a failed romance a few seasons ago.

Luckily, when that first attempt failed, they were able to remain friends and grow their relationship more. On January 17, 2022, Radke confirmed that he and Hubbard are officially boyfriend and girlfriend on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.”

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