Are Ciara Miller & Luke Gulbranson from Summer House Dating?

NBCUMV The Summer House cast returns to Bravo on February 4.

The Summer House cast is switching things up with a new cast member. Ciara Miller will be the Summer House newcomer on the newest season premiering Thursday, February 4. The newcomer is originally from Atlanta and worked the frontlines of COVID-19 as an ICU nurse and part-time model, per her Bravo bio.

Miller comes to the Hamptons house as cast member Luke Gulbranson’s close friend. The 25-year-old makes quite an impression on the Summer House cast, with cast member Danielle Olivera saying in a confessional, “Ciara made her presence known. I would f*** her.”

A preview for the season hints that Gulbranson and Miller may strike up a romance during Summer House. Cast member Paige DeSorbo explains that Gulbranson is, “dating up,” while Miller is, “dating down.” Miller and Gulbranson’s budding romance will cause drama in the house, especially with Gulbranson’s ex-girlfriend Hannah Berner living with them.

To add fuel to the fire, the roommates will be spending six weeks straight working, partying, and drinking together. In a preview for the newest season, Berner cries at Gulbranson, “We dated for seven months and you f***ing rub her in my face to make me feel bad?” Gulbranson replies, “I don’t know what world you’re living in, but it’s not reality.”

Berner Spilled Her Thoughts on Miller

Berner has teased that she and Miller may have an issue or two over the summer. “I didn’t know about her, which was weird ’cause he was talking to me all the time,” Berner told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, February 4.

She continued saying, “The whole thing felt shady and fishy, it felt like a weird feeling in your gut. I was like, if she comes in and she’s f**king annoying, like I have to deal with this mofo — sorry, didn’t want to curse — and then some girl he brought in for six weeks? She walked in and when we both realized that we both liked cats, that’s when I knew there was potential for a bond with this girl.”

Berner assures fans that she was determined to give Miller a chance. “Also, I’m not one to immediately blame the girl when something happens or if there’s timelines crossing,” she said. “I was actually excited to see what I can learn more about, what Luke is really like from someone who knows him in an intimate way.”

Miller & Berner Compared Notes on Gulbranson’s Dating Habits

Like many other women, Berner figured out that once she accepted that Miller was interested in Gulbranson, they had a lot more in common than not. The podcast host teases that Miller and her even shared some text messages with Gulbranson, and it changed her opinion of him.

“Oh honey, enlightening,” Berner told ET. “Obviously I wasn’t thinking that Luke was ever gonna be trustworthy from how he acted last summer, but I didn’t understand the extent of it.”

She continued saying, “It gets hard to have fun when you learn the truth about stuff.”

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