EXCLUSIVE: Bravo Stars Relaunch Most Anticipated Product

Getty NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 06: Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula attend OK! Magazine 12th Annual New York Fashion Week Celebration at Up & Down on September 6, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Manny Carabel/Getty Images)

The “Summer House” summer cocktail is baaaack!

“Summer House” fans know that the summer cannot be fun without one crucial element: Loverboy. Stars and soon-to-be-married couple Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula created the Loverboy brand just a few years ago, and its success has since skyrocketed.

Most recently, the company decided to relaunch their limited edition Espresso Martini. As all true “Summer House” fans know, this drink is the group’s go-to. Their limited edition Espresso Martini contains quality ingredients like orange wine, espresso coffee extract, and kissed with vanilla. It’s also gluten-free with zero added sugar.

“We’ve been drinking a lot of espresso martinis this summer with friends, and I was introduced to the drink probably around a decade ago,” Cooke told Heavy. “So it started as something that was for us, and then we were like, ‘Hey let’s do a limited edition.'”

Loverboy initially released their Espresso Martini can back in April. The group anticipated that they had enough stock for months, but it sold out in just four days.

“I feel like the espresso martini had already generated some buzz across the industry by the time we launched it,” Cooke shared with Heavy. “It was really just like how fast it sold out and the consumer response that we received that convinced us like okay this isn’t just a limited edition this could be a staple.”

The Loverboy Espresso Martini is on sale starting Wednesday, July 28 at DrinkLoverboy.com, but they’re expecting it to sell out quickly. “There’s a good change this sells out again,” Cooke said.

Cooke Revealed Loverboy’s Future Plans

Fans have seen the Loverboy brand grow firsthand, with Cooke and Batula first sampling flavors, to Batula quitting her full-time job for the start-up, to getting BFF Carl Radke to join the company, and lots more along the way. The packages line their Hamptons home’s walls like decor.

“It’s really rewarding, but sometimes it’s hard for it to sink in,” Cooke says of their success.

The entrepreneur added that while the show has helped turn fans into consumers, it’s also turned consumers into fans. “It’s funny we have people that will come up to us at events and tell us, ‘Yeah I started watching “Summer House” because of Loverboy!'”

He added, “It feels amazing, and I think what’s cool is it allows people to connect to the show in a more tangible way. Whenever we launch a market, there’s a huge rush to the stores, because people have been watching us build this brand from scratch, so yeah it’s pretty awesome.”

If you couldn’t get your hands on an espresso martini this go around, there is still hope. “I think the goal is to eventually have it in stock all the time and we might even take it through traditional distribution,” Cooke told Heavy. He also teased that there are new tea flavors coming as well.

Fans Can Also Meet the Loverboy Crew

What fun is drinking Loverboy alone? Cooke, Batula, and Radke love meeting their fans and supporters, so they’ll often throw events and samplings across the country. With COVID protocols easing up, Cooke assured us that they’re hoping to do even more events in cities like Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and more. “Those are super fun opportunities for us to connect with people that want to go out of their way to meet us and support us.”

For fans local to the New York area, they’re throwing a happy hour event tonight, July 28, at the Brazen Fox in Westchester. They’re also throwing a boozy brunch at Southampton Social on Saturday, July 31.

“Our hope is to continue to host these events for our fans but also host smaller events like samplings for people that aren’t familiar with the brand,” Cooke told Heavy.

Even though the Loverboy family is hard at work, they’re still trying to make summer fun. “It’s always a struggle to balance the work and make sure we carve out time for each other,” Cooke shared. He also noted that wedding planning is still in the mix, with the Cooke and Batula wedding that will take place this September.

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