Jax Taylor Ripped by ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans for ‘Playing the Dad Card’

Jax Taylor

Getty Images VPR fans rip Jax Taylor for posting about his dad.

Jax Taylor was the subject of a Reddit thread on June 19, 2022, as many “Vanderpump Rules” fans discussed how they feel about the former reality star talking about his dad’s death — whether it was during his time on VPR or on his social media.

Ronald Cauchi died in 2017 following a battle with cancer, according to Bravo’s The Daily Dish. Over the years, Taylor has posted tributes to his dad on social media, most notable on Father’s Day.

“It just seems so forced to me and fake. I think it’s the ultimate definition of ‘playing the dad card’ to get attention and get what he wants. Am I off on this? I’ve never lost a parent or a loved one in general tbh so I don’t know how he would grief compared to me,” one Redditor posted, kicking off a new thread.

Several Reddit users commented on the thread, many criticizing Taylor and calling him things like a “sociopath” and a “narcissist.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Several People Criticized Taylor for ‘Playing the Dad Card’

The Reddit thread quickly filled up with comments from people agreeing with the original poster that Taylor uses the “dad card.” Most people criticized Taylor for playing “victim” and feel that he’s trying to get “sympathy” when he talks about his dad.

“Jax uses anything to get sympathy and attention (Guys, I might have cancer). He really exploited his Dad’s death on the show, it was a legit reason for sympathy and understanding but Jax hammed it up for attention knowing anyone who called him out would be seen as an asshole. Jax rarely has that kind of immunity and he ran with it. It was gross to watch,” one Redditor commented on the thread.

“I think he’s hard core playing the dad card. He loves being the victim and getting sympathy,” someone else added.

“Jax is a sociopathic narcissist. He doesn’t KNOW how to act so he’s acting out what he’s seen. Since he thinks he’s an actor, he’s likely acting out what he’s seen in movies,” a third person wrote.

“Jax is a f****** sociopath and a narcissist. He never once mentioned his dad being his ‘best friend’ before he passed – the only time he ever mentioned his father was when he blamed him for not paying his car insurance and that’s why he went to jail or something ridiculously stupid in S1 (?). He lied multiple times regarding how much he knew of his dads illness and spent Christmas with Brit’s family rather than spend it with his dad who was LITERALLY on his deathbed,” a fourth comment read.

Taylor Shared a Post in Honor of His Dad on Father’s Day

On Father’s Day 2022, Taylor took to his Instagram Stories to share a post in honor of his dad.

“Happy Father’s Day in heaven dad,” Taylor wrote. He shared picture of a shelf somewhere in Taylor’s home that had two pictures of Cauchi, a plant, a candle, and a wooden box that contains his dad’s ashes.

In 2021, Taylor shared a post of the same wooden box, and poured out a shot of Fireball in honor of his dad on Father’s Day.

“Happy fathers day to the dads with us and the ones waiting for us. Always his favorite, fireball and big red,” Taylor captioned that post.

Several people took to the comments to praise Taylor and to wish him peace.

“I love how you remember and stay in touch with your dad like this. I lost my dad suddenly in March. He actually died on my birthday. It’s very difficult accepting that he’s gone. My prayers are with you,” one person wrote.

“My thoughts are with you today. I know how much you miss your dad,” another Instagram user added.

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