Fans Think Old Kathryn Dennis Photo Reveals ‘Hood Rat Activity’

Kathryn Dennis

Bravo Kathryn Dennis on WWHL.

Something in “Southern Charm” star Kathryn Dennis’ yearbook bio has raised some eyebrows with fans.

Here’s what you need to know:

An Old Yearbook Photo & Bio Featuring Kathryn Dennis Was Leaked

On August 11, 2022, My Family Genie posted a screengrab from Dennis’ high school yearbook. In the picture, you can see things like the sports she was involved in, her favorite quote, and some of her memories of the year.

In it she mentions something called “cuttin’ the block” and that’s the bit that fans honed in on.

“Cuttin the block sounds like some hoodrat activities,” someone wrote.

Fans also reacted to the post, slamming Dennis for her actions.

“Ah, and just a few short years later, she’s a drug addicted ‘mother’ who lost her kids to a sex offender,” someone pointed out.

“A True Psychopath!” another fan wrote.

According to Urban Dictionary, cuttin’ the block is “when you take a short ride around your neighborhood or wherever you maybe usually with a friend and a blunt. Or you just smoked and you need your high to go down before you head home so you cut the block.”

This is particularly telling because recently lost custody of her two children to their father, Thomas Ravanel, due to a failed drug test.

Kathryn Dennis Says Being Without Her Children Has ‘Been F****** Horrible’

While appearing on the podcast, Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister, Dennis opened up about the struggles since losing custody of her two children, Kensington, 8, and Saint Julien, 6.

“It has been f****** horrible,” she said between tears. “How do I even process the fact that I don’t have them.”

Dennis says she is responsible for the costs involved with her visitation, which have gotten pricey now that Ravenel has relocated to Aiken, South Carolina.

“I’m paying $4,000 a month,” Dennis said. “Plus, I have to pay [Thomas’] nanny $500 to drive them from Aiken.”

Dennis also revealed that her visits are monitored and documented.

“I get to see my kids every other weekend 9-7 supervised by someone who is appointed by the court,” Dennis said on the podcast. “They type what [my kids] eat, writing what they say. They literally follow me to every room. I can’t even go to the bathroom to take my daughter to the bathroom.”

She says she was blindsided by the news that Ravenel wanted custody.

“On almost a year anniversary of us settling the case, I get served some subtle hints that he was about to do something,” she said. “I should have known better, but I didn’t.”

A key to Dennis losing her children was a failed drug test for marijuana, which is legal in many states.

“Yeah, it was a shock to me. You know what they said to me, that I went to rehab because I had a problem with weed, that this was considered a relapse,” she said on the podcast. But she claims it was a rouse for Ravenel to move with his new wife and child. “This whole thing was a big ploy for Thomas to move to Aiken. Which he did immediately after he took the kids away from me. Literally, on the day I was supposed to have them and pick them up from school.”

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