PHOTOS: See How Much Lala Kent’s Face Has Changed Over the Years

Lala Kent.

Getty Images Lala Kent has changed quite a bit over the years.

Lala Kent is best known for her role on Bravo‘s “Vanderpump Rules.” The reality star kicked off her TV career on the show back in 2015 when she appeared on the show, later joining as a full-time cast member.

Since then, Kent has launched her own brand called “Give Them Lala” which consists of a number of beauty products, including cosmetics and skincare. She also has a baby clothing line called “Give Them Lala Baby.” Kent wrote a book that became a best seller and has partaken in numerous collaborations over the past several years.

Putting her personal life out there for all to see has definitely had its ups and downs and Kent has bared all for the world to see. She shared her heartbreak when she learned that ex-fiance Randall Emmett was cheating on her and her joy when she welcomed her daughter Ocean into the world.

All of that said, Kent has also changed her look over the past few years, whether it be switching up her hairstyle or getting breast implants.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kent Had Darker Her & Less Defined Facial Features in 2015

Lala Kent.

Getty ImagesTV personality Lala Kent looks very different in 2022.

When Kent first joined the “Vanderpump Rules” cast, she was a hot-headed hostess who was trying to find her way in the Beverly Hills restaurant scene. She was in the middle of several arguments with her fellow SURvers and was labeled a mean girl.

Kent had darker hair and looked more like the girl next door when she first started working at Lisa Vanderpump’s bar and lounge.

Kent was also a minimalist when it came to makeup and didn’t often over line her lips or accentuate her eyebrows. However, since she’s become an entrepreneur and started her own makeup line, that has changed.

Kent has also been very open about the work that she’s had done to her face — and her body.

“I’m not the type of person who’s going to walk out and be like, ‘I’ve had nothing done! My face just changed like this,'” she told Bravo TV’s “The Lookbook” in 2017.

Kent Has Gotten Lip Fillers & Botox

Aside from changing up her makeup routine and adding in some heavy contour, Kent has also changed her face by adding in lip injections and Botox.

“I will say, though, I thoroughly enjoy my new face that Dr. Diamond has provided to me. I love my jaw, I love my little chin, I love my lips. That’s how you can tell these days if it’s a throwback show, because everybody’s walking around like this. Ye old little thin lips. Now we’re all like cluck, cluck, cluck. Little duck lips, it’s so funny,” Kent said in a video posted to her Instagram Stories in early 2020, according to Life & Style.

More recently, Kent shared that she had gotten breast implants. During that surgery, she also had her doctor pin back one of her ears, which she says is something that bothered her most of her life.

“Some may wonder why my head is wrapped up,” Kent captioned a video that was taken post-op. “We all got so caught up on boobie talk, we neglected to mention my sweet left ear being pinned back,” she added. Overall, Kent said she was “really happy” with the results.

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