Raquel Leviss Says Katie Maloney-Schwartz is ‘Bored With Her Life’

Raquel Leviss Katie Maloney

Bravo Raquel Leviss and Katie Maloney

Raquel Leviss thinks Katie Maloney-Schwartz should butt out of the bar business.

During an appearance on ‘Watch What Happens Live,” the newly engaged “Vanderpump Rules” star responded to host Andy Cohen’s question if Tom Sandoval should be “more accepting” of Katie’s potential role in the bar he is opening with her husband, Tom Schwartz.

“Do you want my honest answer?” Raquel replied. “I think that she should butt out. It’s Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz’s business and I feel like she’s kind of like….bored with her life and she wants to insert herself.”

A stunned Andy Cohen admitted that was not the answer he was expecting to hear from the SUR waitress.

Fans Reacted to Raquel’s Comments About Katie

Raquel Leviss

GettyRaquel Leviss of Vanderpump Rules.

On social media, fans reacted to Raquel’s comment about the “Vanderpump Rules” veteran. Some fans agreed that Katie is “too opinionated” about a bar that isn’t hers, while others predicted that Raquel will be getting a rage text from Katie soon.

But others fired back at Raquel in defense of Katie.

“Not at all, she’s his wife and has every right Sweetheart,” one viewer wrote.

“He’s funding it with a home equity loan from their house,” another added of Schwartz. “They’re married she has every right to be involved as its success is just as important to the Tom’s as it is Ariana and Katie.”

“This is why you don’t ask single/unmarried people about married people’s business,” a third fan wrote. “Katie has every right to want to feel included considering that she is financially investing in this business arrangement by mortgaging her home. …. For Raquel to say the reason she’s invested is because she’s bored with her life is just careless. When you are financially investing/supporting something you have EVERY RIGHT TO KNOW WHERE YOUR MONEY IS GOING. “

“Well consider the opinion is coming from Rachel who is engaged to James,” another wrote.

Katie Has Been Vocal About Her Past Experience in the Restaurant Business & She Previously Slammed the Toms’ Potential Bar Name

Katie has “inserted” her opinion about her husband’s upcoming bar multiple times this season on “Vanderpump Rules.” She slammed Tom Sandoval’s bar name idea — Schwartz & Sandy’s — by saying it’s “horrible.”

On the “Vanderpump Rules’ season 9 premiere, Katie told her husband she wants to “get involved” with his business venture.

“Since we’re not having a baby, this could be like our baby,” she said on the show, per Bravo.com. “First of all, I have more restaurant experience than you do so I’m actually far more qualified.”

In a confessional, Katie noted that she started working in restaurants way she was hired at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR.

“I started working at a f***ing restaurant when I was 13 years old,” she said. “My mom ran a restaurant my entire life. [Tom and Tom] would be idiots not to take advantage of my help. Are you kidding me?”

She also told her husband that she wants to be the “Head B**** in Charge” of the new bar.

Tom Sandoval Doesn’t Want Katie Involved & Schwartz Said the Bar Drama Gets ‘Ugly’ This Season

Tom Sandoval Tom Schwartz

GettyTom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz are launching a new whiskey and a new restaurant.

After Katie called Sandoval’s bar name ideas “uninspired,” he said her comments were out of line. According to Bravo.com, Sandoval  said, “I don’t need somebody telling me our last names and that f***ing thing is uninspired.”

The bartender also noted that things will get even uglier between him and his partner’s wife as they hash out her role in the bar business this season on the Bravo reality show.

“Obviously, there’s going to be some back and forth when it comes to that,” Sandoval told Us Weekly. “At the end of the day, you’re just going to have to wait and see what happens.”

Schwartz said the drama between his wife and Sandoval got “ugly” at times.

“It’s complicated,” he said. “It caused a lot of tension and probably the most tension that we’ve ever experienced in our friendship and our partnership. It really put us to the test at times.”

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