Fans Wonder Why Scheana Shay Rents Her Furniture

Getty Images Scheana Shay rents her furniture and fans are curious as to why.

Scheana Shay has been on “Vanderpump Rules” for several years. Not only has Scheana been on Lisa Vanderpump‘s payroll at Sur, but she has also banked money from Bravo, and has a successful podcast which also brings her in some cash.

While the reality star and mom-of-one seems to be doing okay for herself, she has shared that she rents furniture for her place — and fans are wondering why. On January 18, 2022, Scheana took to her Instagram Stories to plug Fernish, a company that she has partnered with. The company delivers, assembles, and arranges furniture that people can rent for as long as they need it. There’s also options to buy the furniture, but that doesn’t seem to be on Scheana’s agenda at the moment.

“Linking our furniture again,” Scheana captioned a photo of her living room. “We rent furniture with fernish,” she added. It didn’t take long for a Reddit thread to take shape, with dozens of people wondering why Scheana doesn’t just purchase her own furniture. As it turns out, she has previously explained the reason.

Here’s what you need to know:

Scheana Didn’t Want to Buy Furniture for Her Los Angeles Apartment

Scheana has a place in San Diego, and a place in Palm Springs, but needed to be close to Los Angeles to film “Vanderpump Rules,” so she and Brock Davies moved into a penthouse apartment. However, Scheana didn’t want to go all in on the LA-area home, so she decided just to rent the furniture instead putting money into buying stuff that she may eventually have no place for.

“I’m sure you guys have seen my new apartment this season, where almost all my furniture is from @fernish! Obvi we already have houses in SD and PS, so when it came time to move to LA, buying all new furniture didn’t make sense. With Fernish, we were able to rent everything we needed and everything is so my style,” Scheana shared in a Facebook post in October 2021.

It sounds like the move to Los Angeles may just be temporary for Scheana and her fiance, Brock Davies. “[Our new place] is in Hollywood, which wasn’t my ideal location. But when we saw this place, and it’s so close to being off the freeway, I was just like, ‘Okay, that’s perfect,'” Scheana previously told Bravo Insider.

Fans Were Curious About Scheana’s Decision, but Seemed Supportive Once Learning the Reason She’s Renting Furniture

A few fans questioned why Scheana rented her furniture, but once they learned the reason, most people thought the move was smart on Scheana’s part.

“I’d ‘rent’ my furniture too if it was free and I was being paid to post about it. Hell, I’d happily rent a husband if that were the deal,” one Redditor commented on the thread.

“I’m living in New York City until I (hopefully) buy my dream house in a couple of years, and renting my furniture is helpful because I don’t know what style of furniture I want for the future house. Plus I won’t have to move my nice furniture in and out of a rental,” another Redditor added.

“Apparently it’s pretty common for renters. My SIL suggested it when we were renting between selling our old house and buying our next,” someone else added.

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