Fans React to Scheana Shay Wanting Her Second Wedding on VPR

Scheana Shay

Getty Scheana Shay in 2022.

“Vanderpump Rules” star Scheana Shay and her fiance, Brock Davies, are planning to wed during the summer of 2022. According to Reality Blurb, Shay shared that she wanted to have their upcoming nuptials a part of the show’s tenth season while speaking to E! News in April 2022. 

“If we have a season 10, absolutely. Bring the cameras,” said Scheana. 

On May 10, 2022, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of the Reality Blurb article on the “Vanderpump Rules” subreddit. Several Bravo fans flocked to the post’s comments section to share that they would not enjoy watching Scheana and Davies’ wedding on the hit reality series. As fans are aware, Scheana filmed her first wedding ceremony when she married her ex-husband, Mike Shay, for “Vanderpump Rules” season 3. 

“She had her wedding season. We don’t need another one. I have absolutely no desire to watch Brock do anything,” wrote a commenter

“Yeah and I’m really not down to see Scheana be a bride again. She acts like such a spoiled brat,” agreed another

“How many wedding seasons are we going to get from Scheana? Cause I don’t see this marriage lasting much longer than her first,” asserted a different person

“I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ANOTHER ONE OF SCHEANAS WEDDINGS,” shared a “Vanderpump Rules” viewer

“I truly don’t think Scheana realizes she has always been the most boring cast member and still holds that title. No one needs a second wedding from her. The most interesting storyline around her was Robb, and that was only because it was so cringe,” wrote a Bravo fan, seemingly referencing Scheana’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend Rob Valletta. 

“Omg please I cannot go through another season of Scheana as a bride I beg of you don’t do it Bravo 😂😂😂,” chimed in a sixth Reddit user

Scheana Shay Shared Details About Her Upcoming Wedding in May 2022

During a May 2022 episode of “The Netchicks” podcast, Scheana shared some details about her second wedding.

“It’s going to be in Mexico in August. I already put my deposit down and now it’s like real, real,” said the mother of one. 

The Bravo star also revealed her daughter, Summer, who she shares with Davies, “will be the flower girl.” She went on to say that her sister, Cortney, “will be the maid of honor” and her “Vanderpump Rules” co-star Ariana Madix will be a part of the bridal party. 

Scheana Shay Revealed She & Brock Davies Signed a Prenuptial Agreement

During a joint interview on the “Vaill Files” podcast in January 2022, Davies and Scheana shared that they signed a prenuptial agreement. Scheana explained that she lost a significant amount of money when she divorced her first husband in 2017. 

“We are both divorced and my first divorce took me for half of my bank account because we didn’t have a prenup,” stated the 37-year-old. “Although you don’t get married thinking that it’s going to end, but you also don’t go swimming thinking you are going to drown. You know, there’s still a lifeguard there. I was totally against it until I got married and then divorced and then realized oh this is why people do it and now, I own a property and I have a lot more this time around than I did previously. So it’s just a protection you know.”

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