Scheana Shay Reveals Struggles With Post-Baby Body

Scheana Shay

Bravo Scheana Shay

Scheana Shay said she struggled with her post-partum body long after giving birth to her daughter, Summer Moon Davies, in April.

In a new interview with Page Six, the 36-year-old “Vanderpump Rules” star admitted that she “struggled for the first four months after delivering her daughter, and had even more issues when filming for the Bravo reality picked up soon after she gave birth.

The new mom revealed that she had “body image issues” while shooting the beginning of the show’s ninth season, but that she now has her confidence back.

Scheana said She Had to Be ‘Kind’ to Herself After Gaining More Than 40 Pounds During her Pregnancy

In a previous “Vanderpump Rules” teaser, a then-pregnant Scheana revealed that she put on 40 pounds during her pregnancy and that her waist size had doubled.

During a January 2021 episode of her “Scheananagins” podcast, the mom-to-be said she was okay with her fast weight gain because she was “creating a human.”

“I’m okay with every pound I’ve put on,” Scheana said, adding that she just needed “to stay healthy” so she didn’t get gestational diabetes.

In the new interview, Scheana told Page Six that she would “tear apart” her body for her child and that everything she went through was “worth it,” but she admitted that it took her several months to get back into working out and feeling confident about her body again.

“I just had to be really kind to myself and remember that my body created a human life,” she told the outlet.  “I was excited for the day that I could rock a crop top again.”

Scheana also recently felt confident enough to put her belly button ring back in.

Scheana Previously Admitted She Compared Her Post-Pregnancy Body to Lala Kent’s Body

This is not the first time Scheana had admitted that she was challenged by her baby weight gain, especially when she started filming for “Vanderpump Rules.”

In an interview with Us Weekly, Scheana said she couldn’t help but compare her post-baby weight loss to one of her new mom co-stars.

“I know that you’re never supposed to compare yourself to others, but it was very difficult for me and kind of impossible, when I have another friend who just had a baby and [they] bounce back immediately,” Scheana said. “She’s strutting around in a string bikini and I’m trying to cover up, but still look cute.”

Scheana was referring to her co-star Lala Kent, who was back wearing bikinis on Instagram shortly after delivering her baby just a month before Scheana did.

But since that time, Scheana has been killing it at the gym. In an Instagram post, she shared a clip of her working out at the gym at the Wallace on Sunset apartments in Los Angeles. She revealed that she was doing the Lightning Fit workout.

In the past, Scheana has lost weight by doing carb cycling. She once told Us Weekly she would go three days of eating no carbs and one day of healthy carbs to give her body a kickstart. She has also always been into working out, although having a personal trainer for a fiance probably doesn’t hurt either.

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