Fans React to Tom Sandoval’s TikTok Video Featuring Schwartz & Sandy’s

Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval

Getty Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval

“Vanderpump Rules” stars Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval have a new bar called Schwartz & Sandy’s, located in Franklin Village, California. The establishment is not yet open to the public. 

On July 29, Sandoval uploaded a TikTok video to show off the interior of the cocktail lounge. The establishment’s features include wallpapered walls, framed pictures, unique light fixtures, and fake plants. 

Reddit Users Shared Their Opinions on the Video 

Tom Sandoval

GettyTom Sandoval.

On July 29, a Reddit user uploaded the video on the “Vanderpump Rules” subredditSeveral commenters shared their opinions on the matter. 

“It all comes across as extremely cheap to me!” wrote a commenter

“Tacky can be quaint/cute even if over the top. This tacky isnt cohesive and there is empty and cold space and took much competing vibes. Its a massive miss to me on all levels,” added another

“Exactly what thought. It’s going to be a full time job to properly clean in order for it to not become a dingy mess,” shared a different person

“It’s kind of cool I guess, but it looks like they tried way too hard to come up with a unique style,” commented another

“Tbh I’m not super impressed with this aesthetic- seems choppy and washed out… maybe it looks better at night though?” chimed in a fifth person

A different Reddit user shared Sandoval’s TikTok video on the Bravo Real Housewives subredditQuite a few Bravo fans criticized the bar in the comments section. 

“I love this for them but they better be deep cleaning that upholstery weekly and we all know they won’t it’ll be nice for a week then stinky and gross,” commented a “Vanderpump Rules” viewer

“The chaos! It’s like 7 themes mashed into Mr. Toad’s Wildride,” added a different person

“I feel like they tried combining two aesthetics into one and I hate it. Like either go all in retro groovy thrift shop vibes (davy waynes in weho anyone?!) or do the california palm tree colorful thing,” wrote another

“It doesn’t seem very cohesive! Too too much going on. Pick a theme and go with it!” shared a Bravo fan

“Not a fan. Already looks dirty and dusty,” asserted a Reddit user

Tom Schwartz & Tom Sandoval Spoke About What Inspired Them When Designing Schwartz & Sandy’s

Tom Schwartz

GettyTom Schwartz of Vanderpump Rules.

During a joint July 2022 interview with Extra TV at the grand opening party of Schwartz and Sandy’s, Schwartz and Sandoval spoke about opening the establishment. 

“We’re just feeling so amazing like finally all the hard work like everything, from the sign, the booths, the cocktails, to the food, to the decor, like everything like to have it all come together, you know, with all of our hard work,” said Sandoval. 

He also shared that the pair was inspired by the eccentric hotel Madonna Inn, located in San Luis Obispo, California. 

“We just kind of went for it. It’s maximalist, it’s jungle, it’s warm. It’s cozy, it’s loving, it’s vibey and there’s these trippy light installations so you know, we borrowed from that maximalist jungle vibe but obviously we took inspiration from Madonna Inn,” stated Sandoval. 

Schwartz chimed in that “vintage motels” and “The Golden Girls” also served as inspiration for the design of Schwartz & Sandy’s. 

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