‘Cobra Kai’ Star Wrote a Lifetime Movie

The Cobra Kai cast shares their opinions on the cliffhanger ending

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On the Emmy-nominated Netflix series “Cobra Kai” Courtney Henggeler portrays Daniel LaRusso’s (Ralph Macchio) wife Amanda. According to IMDb, the actress appeared in popular television series, like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Mom” before joining the “Cobra Kai” cast. Henggeler also is a screenwriter and penned the script for the Lifetime television movie “The Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate,” which tells the story of a young woman who decides to be a surrogate mother for a famous couple. 

Courtney Henggeler Spoke About Her Film in a 2020 Interview

During a 2020 interview with Geeks, Courtney Henggeler spoke about writing “The Secret Life of a Celebrity Surrogate.” She compared her experience of being an actress to writing the thriller. The 42-year-old told the publication: 

Being an actor can be amazing and transformative. But it is not consistently so. In fact, a lot of the time, as an actor, you can find yourself frustrated or feeling unfulfilled. Writing is the opposite of that for me. It gave me a sense of control over my creativity. I can use my voice to build the world that I want. I can make people say whatever the h*** I want when I write. It’s exhilarating.

While speaking to Geeks, Henggeler also addressed why the film’s protagonist, Olivia Bolton (Carrie Wampler) does not appear to suspect that the celebrity couple, the Von Richters pose a serious threat. She asserted that she did not “believe Olivia is overly naive,” but instead is “just a young woman who doesn’t know who she is yet.” 

“That old saying ‘if you stand for nothing, what will you fall for,’ always came to mind when I was shaping her. I think there are so many moments in our lives, that we can look back on and be horrified by our bad choices. Big or small. But when we’re in it, it’s not always so clear. Sometimes we’re in it, and we normalize it just to get through it,” explained the mother-of-two. 

The actress went on to say that “[t]he Von Richters’ life is something very foreign to Olivia.”

“It’s intoxicating, but also unfamiliar. Her own insecurity allows for the Von Richter’s behavior to continue to manipulate her. She wants to be loved, she wants to be liked, to feel needed and wanted. She wants to please. And I think it’s her own lack of confidence in who she is and what she deserves is what allows her to keep brushing off the red flags. Until she can’t any longer,” said Henggeler. 

Henggeler Discussed Her ‘Cobra Kai’ Character in 2021

As fans of “Cobra Kai” are aware, Amanda LaRusso is calm and collected compared to the show’s other characters who constantly make rash decisions. The actress discussed her character’s ability to think rationally while speaking to Awards Radar in January 2021. She noted that her character typically points out the outlandish aspects of Daniel, Johnny Lawrence (William “Billy” Zabka), and John Kreese’s (Martin Kove) rivalry. She referenced that Johnny initially disliked Daniel because he dated his ex-girlfriend Ali Mills (Elisabeth Shue) while they were in high school. 

“[Amanda is] kind of the voice of the audience being like sorry what? I’m sorry there’s a 70-year-old gentleman and two 50-year-old gentlemen and they all want to fight for the soul of the Valley through karate because one of the them hooked up with the other one’s girlfriend in the ‘80s,” quipped the actress. 

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