‘Cobra Kai’ Creators on if Mike Barnes Will Be In the Upcoming Season

Mike Barnes

YouTube Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan) faces off Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) in 'The Karate Kid Part III'

In “The Karate Kid Part III,” Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) is targeted by violent martial artist Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan), who brutalizes both him and his friend Jessica Andrews (Robyn Lively). Throughout most of the film, Daniel is unaware that Mike is working for crazed billionaire Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith).

Many fans are pleased that Terry Silver will be making an appearance during “Cobra Kai” season 4. However, it is unclear if Mike Barnes will be doing the billionaire’s bidding yet again. 

The Creators of ‘Cobra Kai’ Spoke About Mike Barnes in August 2021

During an August 2021 interview with AwardsWatch, the creators and executive producers of “Cobra Kai,” Jon Hurwitz, Josh Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg commented on whether Sean Kanan will become a “Cobra Kai” cast member. Hurwitz noted that the actor “has expressed interest in returning publicly.” 

“He’s somebody who is, you know, certainly meaningful in the ‘Karate Kid’ universe. You know, it’s certainly possible that he could show up again in this series and perhaps, he’s already filmed,” teased Hurwitz. 

Schlossberg then joked that “if you’re a fan of Mike Barnes and wanna see that character come back, we’re definitely the show to do it.”

“So tune into ‘Cobra Kai’ to find out because we’re the best bet,” quipped Schlossberg. 

William ‘Billy’ Zabka Also Shared Comments About Mike Barnes in August 2021

In August 2021, William “Billy” Zabka, who portrays Johnny Lawrence, was equally as coy while discussing the likelihood of Mike Barnes returning to the “Karate Kid” franchise during a separate AwardsWatch interview. He explained every actor who appeared in the “Karate Kid” films, including Sean Kanan, could end up being his scene partner on “Cobra Kai.” 

“[Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg] have said anyone in the Miyagi-Verse, anybody who has come in contact and those, you know, is in the canon of ‘Cobra Kai’ — so I think it’s safe to say that almost any character that’s come into contact in the Miyagi-Verse or so to speak is somewhere around a corner,” said Zabka. “You know and I think that’s part of the fun. And how and when to bring anybody in but it has to make sense. It has to fit. It’s not just for the sake of nostalgia or to please fans it’s — this is an organic story and it would have to fit.” 

The actor then shared that the show’s creators also refrain from giving him too much information about the show’s storyline. 

“I get them on the phone and try to dissect some things where it’s going and you know, they’re good like that, they don’t want to reveal too much. They don’t want you too ahead of it,” said Zabka. 

The 55-year-old noted that the creators’ secretiveness improved his performance as Johnny.  

“It’s great even as an actor to get to play that because if you’re anticipating what’s next too much on the nose, it affects where you are in the moment. So they are actually really good about laying out plot points and basically a general arc and then all the nuances and all the valley and all the turns and all that comes a week or two in advance of shooting the scenes as the scripts pile in,” shared the father-of-two. “So I think some of the surprise of that is great. You know, I don’t want to know everything. I want to go into every single scene as if this scene is it. There’s nothing before it and nothing after it. Of course, I have to tie everything together but each scene is it’s own thing. And if you’re playing to the end then you’re not in the moment.”

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