Jacob Bertrand Teases Hawk’s Storyline in Cobra Kai Season 4

Hawk -- Cobra Kai

YouTube Jacob Bertrand plays Hawk in 'Cobra Kai.'

In the acclaimed series Cobra Kai, Eli Moskowitz (Jacob Bertrand) goes through an intense character arc. In the first season, he is relentlessly bullied for having a slight disfigurement on his lip. After joining the Cobra Kai dojo, sensei Johnny Lawrence (William “Billy” Zabka) also comments on his scar and encourages Eli to change his look to distract from it. He takes Johnny’s advice and sports a mohawk, resulting in the nickname “Hawk.”

After he alters his appearance, Hawk becomes cruel, and his aggressive demeanor only worsens throughout the show. For example, in Season 3, Episode 5, Hawk breaks his former best friend, Demetri’s (Gianni Decenzo) arm. He eventually apologizes for his violent behavior and quits Cobra Kai. As of the Season 3 finale, he has joined the unnamed dojo led by former rivals Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio).

Jacob Bertrand Has Teased His Character’s Storyline in the Upcoming Season

Eli "Hawk" Cobra Kai

YouTubeEli “Hawk” Moskowitz appears in the first season of ‘Cobra Kai.’

During a January interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jacob Bertrand touched on the future of his character’s storyline.

“At the end of Season 3, he kind of realized where he needs to be and who he should be surrounding himself with. If they accept him, that’s a different story, you know, because he’s definitely caused a lot of hurt for a lot of different people. So Season 4 will be interesting with how he kind of navigates that,” said the actor.

He went on to say that Hawk was heavily influenced by his sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove) and his fellow Cobra Kai teammates to injure Demetri. The actor also noted the violent action could have also been motivated by the teenager’s insecurities. Regardless of the reason, Bertrand feels his character will have to work on mending his friendships in the upcoming season.

“I think for next season the repercussions of that are going to be a lot of relationship nurturing and building with you know Demitri and a lot of the other kids you know from Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do ’cause he’s on the good side now but he’s not necessarily the best of guys,” said the 21-year-old.

He went on to say that because Hawk switched his alliances at the end of Season 3, he will not be in the good graces of his former Cobra Kai teammates in the upcoming season. The actor also stated he believes Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do students do not trust Hawk.

“He’s like in the middle of just sort of — just everyone’s like, ‘I don’t really know if this — if we really like this guy…’ It’ll definitely be interesting seeing how this gets navigated. I’ve been talking to the writers a lot like ‘so what’s the plan, like how’s this going to work out?’” said the actor.

Bertrand Also Talked About Hawk Possibly Changing His Hair in Season 4

Bertrand also teased the possibility of his character having a different color mohawk in Cobra Kai Season 4. In the previous seasons, Hawk has dyed his hair blue and red.

“I think the red hawk was sort of his angsty phase. We’ll see — I’ve heard murmurs of possibly you know different hair colors but I can’t say anything other than that so don’t ask me. I can’t speak about it,” said the actor with a smile.

To see more of Bertrand, be sure to check out Cobra Kai, available on Netflix.

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