Peyton List Shares the Best Advice She’s Ever Received

Peyton List

Getty Peyton List in 2017.

Peyton List, who plays mean girl Tory Nichols in Netflix’s acclaimed series “Cobra Kai,” has been very vocal about her personal life, and how being a longtime actress has affected her.

Recently, in light of the imminent release of “Cobra Kai’s” fourth season, List explained what it was like channeling her inner “mean girl” to portray characters like Tory, while also revealing what she believes is the best advice she has ever received. Here’s what you need to know.

TikTok Is a Great Source of Advice For List

On Wednesday, List sat down for an interview with Wonderland Magazine, in which she opened up about some valuable life advice she has received over the years.

List revealed in the interview that she once met actress Jessica Alba when she was 15, in the bathroom of a party for a magazine shoot. There, List said, although Alba didn’t know who she was, she gave her some invaluable advice about life and relationships, which she said has really stuck with her over the years:

She was so humble and personable and would talk to anyone…and then I was back out at the party and she came up to me and she’s like, ‘You know, just wait to do anything with any guy. Just wait. Just feel so confident about your body. Just feel so good about yourself before you do anything with anyone. Just make sure that you’re not insecure. Even if you want to wait until you’re 30-years-old’.”

When asked what was the best advice she’s ever received, List replied, “I feel like this advice is really embarrassing, but I actually got it on Tiktok. I get a lot of advice on TikTok.”  She added that the one which really stuck with her was of a girl “sitting on a cliff talking about silencing your mind and feeling okay being alone.” She said that because she was so rarely alone, “I feel inadequate or like I’m not doing enough or something…it really spoke to me, because you don’t have to be working all the time, you need time to recoup and just be.”

Interestingly, List also discussed in the interview how she believed her “Cobra Kai” character’s battle-hardened demeanor stemmed from insecurities about not being appreciated enough, similar to how she describes herself. List explained:

My character thinks that by winning the tournament, it will make her feel whole and valid like she’s worth something. Nothing’s been handed to her and she’s had a hard life, and that’s really my big thing [in season 4].

How List Can Relate To Tory

Naturally, List went on to discuss how she believed it was important to sympathize with all her characters, even those who may harbor malicious tendencies. “I think you do have to have a certain side that at least understands what kind of human [you’re playing],” she explained. “If you’re playing a villain, you can’t really judge them too much because you have to understand their mindset. Otherwise, you’ll just be playing it from this weird judgmental place versus being the person.”

List previously revealed that she has had a difficult time turning Tory “off” after the cameras stop rolling, because she has invested so much in herself into the role. “I go home and it’s kind of hard for me to turn it off because I’m so excited,” she said in 2020 roundtable, per CheatSheet. “I feel like I’m always watching videos of stunts and trying to practice.”

She echoed empathizing with her villainous character in the roundtable, saying it was important for actors to channel their characters’ true selves if they want to perform them fairly:

You see that with a lot of teenagers, especially ones who have never really been shown any love or support and they feel really alone… [Tory] needs the right sensei, I think, and the right guidance. I see where she’s coming from and I feel for her.

It has been confirmed that Tory Nichols will be a main character in season 4. Make sure to tune in to Netflix when the upcoming season is released on December 31.

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