Carrie Ann Inaba Responds to Fans Vowing to Boycott DWTS on Disney Plus

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Longtime “Dancing With the Stars” judge Carrie Ann Inaba posted on Facebook about the show moving to Disney Plus for season 31 and season 32. In the comments, the judge was inundated with fans saying they are boycotting the show after the move, so she took the time to craft a message in response.

Here’s what you need to know:

Inaba Wrote a Message About How She is ‘Refreshed & Ready to Go’ For ‘Dancing With the Stars’

In early August 2022, Inaba wrote a message on her Facebook page about how she has recently been taking a break from social media to take care of herself, writing, ” I needed some time to myself. It’s a strange thing to ask people for space, but it’s been very interesting. I have taken time to get to know who I have become, and have worked on letting go of what is no longer for me. And I don’t mean other people, I mean parts of me. So much of life is spent in routine, in habit. I became a bit mindless about the things I was doing in my life. And I wanted to get acquianted with the person I am now, at 54 and make changes to the way I live my life.”

She went on to say that she’s been undergoing some big changes, between her chronic health problems and leaving “The Talk” in 2021. But she said that as they “head towards season 31 of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ on Disney Plus,” she is “refreshed and ready to go.”

The comments lit up with people saying they will not be paying more to watch the show.

“I loved watching DWTS since it began… but I won’t be watching this fall because of the network change… I don’t have Disney+ and can’t justify paying for a channel that I would not watch. I’m sorry they took it off of ABC… I wish you a very good season!” wrote one fan.

“I will certainly miss seeing you on DWTS. I didn’t know until this minute they took it off of ABC. I have watched from the very beginning, but won’t be forced to pay to see it. Good luck to you,” wrote a second fan.

“Thank you for sharing, I’ve always loved watching you on DWTS but now with the Disney Channel taking over we can’t watch anymore,” wrote a third fan.

“I have watch[ed] DWTS since season two every episode but with the move to Disney plus you are going to lose a huge fan base that does not stream or want to pay for streaming,” wrote a fourth fan. “This will be the end for shows like yours and ‘Days of Our Lives’ who just announce a move to Peacock. I watch 3 shows only and this will leave me just one.”

Carrie Ann Said She is ‘Heartbroken’ to Hear Fans Won’t Follow them to Disney Plus

In a follow-up post, Inaba praised her fans for sharing their stories with her, but said she is heartbroken to hear they won’t follow the show to Disney Plus.

Inaba wrote:

Just reading all your comments yesterday. I am so grateful for the words of encourgement and the sharing of your own journeys. It helps others to know that we are all going through unique journeys… and we all have challenges in our lives.

I’m heartbroken to hear so many people saying they won’t be joining us on [‘Dancing With the Stars’] this season. We’ve always been a family for so long… all of us, the dancers, the hosts, the judges, the production team, the creatives and hair and make up and stylists and lighting and set design… And YOU.

She finished by saying, “I hope you will be able to stay connected to us. I will be posting lots of content from my socials so I hope that will help you stay connected. Family is forever.”

The comments on that post are again full of fans saying the show has lost its longtime viewers by moving.

“[T]his will be the end for many of us DWTS family. It feels like it is very intentional that they want to change their target audience. It has been my favorite show for so long, but this will be the end for me,” wrote one fan in the comments on the follow-up post.

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for its 31st season on Monday, September 19, on Disney Plus.

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Spanet Po
Spanet Po
4 months ago

Yes, I too have been a fan since the beginning and have used all my votes every week. We doing even have cable. Just using digital antenna and WiFi there isn’t any way for us to be able to pay extra. We are senior citizens on a fixed income. Good luck to you all. I can’t see the show surviving much longer.

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