Cheryl Burke Reveals What Role She Wants to Have on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Post Retirement

Cheryl Burke

ABC/Kelsey McNeal "DWTS" pro Cheryl Burke.

After each season of Dancing With the Starssome of the professional dancers on the show consider retiring from that role. Following her season 29 elimination, it appeared that Cheryl Burke was considering retirement, though now she has said she may be back for another season.

“My hips don’t lie, and I’m starting to get tendonitis,” Burke shared on an episode of Chicks in the Office earlier this year. “For a woman, as far as ballroom dancing competitively goes, normally in their 30s [they retire]. I’m 36, so it’s like, ‘Okay, time to hang up those shoes.'”

Now, in an interview with Pop Culture, Burke revealed what she thinks her future with Dancing With the Stars might look like.

Burke is Open to Being a Judge on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

In a new interview, Burke talked about her possible futures on DWTS, including possibly performing in another season or possibly even judging on the show at some point in the future.

“You can never say never,” Burke told the outlet about dancing again on the show. “I just hope that the show could see me in a different light as well. I would love to be a judge. I feel like I could actually help the couples and encourage them and also help them improve.”

It’s unclear how that might work, as the show hasn’t announced a judging slate for season 30. It’s possible six-time champion Derek Hough will return as a judge, though, and the judging panel could include four people if Len Goodman returns to the show.

Burke Believes the Show Should Have Mentors

When it comes to other ways that she could still be on the show after retiring from ballroom dancing, Burke had a few ideas. The professional dancer thinks the show may benefit from having a type of mentor or “third eye” for the dancers during the season.

“As professionals, it’s hard to do everything right as far as choreography,” she said. “And then also, that person who critiques them when you’re dancing with them, you can’t see everything.”

On Dancing With the Stars Juniors, pairs were often joined by a mentor, which Burke believed was helpful. There’s a chance that that type of role on DWTS could help avoid miscommunications with the judges and stricter adherence to the rules of the show.

Burke has also recently found success with a newly released mask collection as well as her podcast Pretty Messed Up, which she hosts with DWTS partner AJ McLean.

“We really are uncensored and we talk about it all,” Burke told PopCulture, referring to the podcast. “We talk about our current feelings to trauma, to how hard it is to stay sober… just to be able to start the conversation about mental health I think it’s very important, especially during a time like this.”

Whether as a professional dancer once again or as a judge or a mentor, it’s likely that fans of Dancing With the Stars will continue to see more of Cheryl Burke.

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