Should Tyra Banks Be Fired from ‘Dancing With the Stars’? Fans Weigh In

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This season of Dancing With the Stars has had its fair share of drama and rumors circling around, but one of the main issues fans seemed to have with season 29 is the addition of host Tyra Banks.

Banks joined the cast of Dancing With the Stars ahead of the 2020 season, replacing longtime hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews in a surprise to many long-time viewers of the program.

Since the beginning of the that season, fans took to social media platforms to share their dislike for the new host, with many saying they believe she should be fired from the show. That’s very unlikely to happen, though, as she is an executive producer and seems to have approval from those internal to Dancing With the Stars. 

So, do fans want Banks fired ahead of season 30?

Fans Want Tyra Banks to be Fired

Fans of Dancing With the Stars posted each week during season 29 of the show on social media, imploring the show to fire their new host and find a new one, or, better yet in the eyes of fans, bring back the hosts that they had previously.

“Tyra Banks need to get fired off DWTS right now” one viewer tweeted.

Another hit back at Banks saying the ratings have gone up since she took over the show, writing “Tyra Banks thinks she’s the reason for @dancingABC ratings and should not be fired bc of ‘the numbers don’t lie’? Sis, the numbers for the ratings are bc of the star dancers this year. NOT YOU.”

“I really wish @DancingABC would fire Tyra Banks. I fast forward every time she talks. I didn’t like her on AGT and did the same thing then. Whoever hired her should be fired and follow her out the door,” one upset viewer tweeted. “I am almost at the point of not even watching anymore.”

Others took to Twitter in recent weeks to discuss Banks’ fashion choices on the show, both positively and negatively.

Viewers Also Defend Banks’ Performance on Twitter

Other viewers take to Twitter to defend Banks and her performance.

“I am so sick and tired of people hating on Tyra Banks, literally ABC fired an OLD WHITE guy to give a head hosting job on major television network to a BLACK FEMALE and y’all mad?! I’m pretty f***ing ECSTATIC,” one viewer tweeted, also responding to a reply to their tweet to say they believe Banks is doing a good job and they’re “all for it.”

Another talked about her fashion and her hosting abilities.

“@TyraBanks you totally wear the prettiest dresses on Dancing With the Stars. And you make a great host too,” one person tweeted to her.

Another wrote, “@tyrabanks loving you on #DWTS. You’re very passionate about being the host and it shows. Makes watching an already great show even better. Congrats.”

Either way, fans saw Banks hosting for the rest of season 29 and will likely see her on season 30 of the show as well.

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