Emma Slater Reveals The DWTS Season That Changed Her Life

Emma Slater

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“Dancing With the Stars” professional dancer Emma Slater was asked during a podcast episode about the most rewarding part of her career so far and she talked at length about a season of the show that changed her life. Read on to find out how deeply the season affected her and what she vowed she was “never going to say” again.

Emma Slater Never Considered Herself A Leading Lady Because Her Twin Sister Was Always The ‘Beautiful’ One

During an episode of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast “Off the Vine,” the season 29 winner asked pro dancer Emma Slater what has been the most rewarding moment of her career so far and Emma became quite emotional talking about never really thinking she was as beautiful as her sister and not ever considering herself a serious contender to win “Dancing With the Stars.”

She started off by saying that she knows “it’s cliche,” but the season she won “Dancing With the Stars” is definitely the most rewarding moment of her career because she never thought she was good enough to get there and she never thought of herself as a leading lady because of her twin sister.

“I never think of myself as a leading role because growing up like — I’m a twin. I was always the clown … she’s beautiful. We’re not identical. What do you call that in America? Fraternal. So she was always the one that … was so beautiful. And she is. And I was definitely more the comedic relief, [I had] braces, like making jokes, letting people draw on them, that type of personality. So I never grew up thinking that I was the lead in any kind of story,” said Emma.

Incidentally, Emma’s twin sister Kelly is also connected to “Dancing With the Stars.” In a 2018 interview with Twinning Store, Kelly revealed she designs costumes for the show.

When Emma Won ‘Dancing With the Stars,” She Vowed Never To Think That Way Again

Emma went on to say that this idea that she was the “comedic relief” continued on in when she was cast on “Dancing With the Stars” because she was always given partners who were probably not frontrunners to win the show.

“When I came onto ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ I was given a type of partner that was always a little bit more senior, a little bit more personality,” said Emma. “[The producers] liked the fact that I was having more of a personality in terms of — I was able to sort of maybe help the people that weren’t great dancers come out and do some funny stuff.”

But because of this, Emma never considered herself a serious contender to win either.

“So I never thought that I was the serious competitive contender that could take someone all the way to win,” said Emma, adding that when she won season 24 with former NFL running back Rashad Jennings, it changed everything.

“When I won, I got mad at myself because it was literally the most fun, most fulfilling season — the easiest, in many ways,” said Emma. “I absolutely adored my partner Rashad Jennings, and we’re still really close to this day. But I was mad at myself because I really had believed that I was never going to win.”

She concluded by saying that after they won, she told herself she was never going to have that kind of attitude again.

“I told myself I was never going to say that again. I wasn’t going to box myself into a corner and brand myself as second or third place. I was going to take myself seriously,” said Emma.

After her season with Rashad, Emma went on to finish in fourth place the following season with Drew Scott. She also had a very good showing with James Van Der Beek in season 28 when they finished in fifth place.

“Dancing With the Stars” has not yet been picked up for season 31. If it does get renewed, it should premiere in September 2022.

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