DWTS Fans Slam Pro’s ‘Mediocre’ Choreography


Some “Dancing With the Stars” fans are calling out one pro dancer for his “mediocre” choreography. Find out why some fans think Gleb Savchenko isn’t getting it done on the show, but others defend him as a strong pro partner.

Some Fans Think Gleb Isn’t Creative Enough With His Choregraphy

Sasha Pieterse And Gleb | All Dances | DWTS 25Sasha Pieterse and Gleb Savchenko Team A Team Dancing With The Stars 252017-11-22T20:37:39Z

In a since-deleted Reddit post, one user posted a video of Gleb performing a jazz routine with Sasha Pieterse in season 25 and captioned it, “Gleb is such a mediocre choreographer and this jazz routine proves it. His choreography always lacks content.”

A couple of fans voiced their agreement and one wrote that it seems like Gleb puts in different amounts of effort depending on if he has someone with a lot of experience or not,” writing, “It’s annoying to see him alter his amount of effort based on whether or not he has a ringer.”

In a separate Reddit thread, fans expressed their opinions that he had a great chance to show what he can do as a pro with Mel C. from season 30 and he didn’t take advantage of it.

One fan wrote, “I felt Mel C lacked [personality] on top of boring choreography from Gleb. Their only memorable dance was their week 1 cha cha cha. Every other dance made Mel C get lost in the shuffle … This is the first celeb I can remember sin[ce] Jana that Gleb had a real chance to show what he is about and I felt like he didn’t try hard enough.”

Another fan responded, “Gleb tried with the choreography, but it was still stale and weak.”

But Some Fans Think He Did A Great Job With Mel C.

Melanie C’s Cha Cha – Dancing with the StarsMelanie C and Gleb Savchenko dance the Cha Cha to “Wannabe” by Spice Girls on Dancing with the Stars 2021 premiere! Subscribe: goo.gl/T7bg3N Watch Dancing with the Stars Mondays at 8/7c on ABC and Stream on Hulu!2021-09-21T01:22:19Z

In a different thread, many fans were coming to Gleb’s defense, saying he did a really good job with Mel C. in season 30.

“Gleb did an excellent job with ALL dances. … The cha cha was of high quality and packed with content. The foxtrot touched my heart, it was romantic and elegant, and showcased Melanie so well, particularly her beautiful extensions and upper body movements. The jazz was full of content, fun and entertaining. He blended well Mickey’s challenge with the routine. Choreography-wise I would call this routine the best jazz routine of this season so far. In the quickstep, I loved how masterly he included moves from the movie into the routine!” wrote one fan.

Another added that they think it was a shame that the only Latin dance we got to see from Gleb and Mel was the cha cha. A third wrote that Gleb was being unfairly blamed for Mel C.’s elimination.

They wrote, “I’m not even a Gleb fan, but I feel like he is getting a lot of unfair heat for Mel’s elimination. I actually thought he did great this season with choreo. … Mel’s issue wasn’t that she was bad or that the choreo was bad, it was that she blended in. On another season I think she would have been a finalist but … this is a season they stacked with about 8 potential finalists, which is tough.”

Fans Wonder If Gleb Will Ever Win the Mirrorball Trophy

Jana & Gleb's Tango- Dancing with the Stars (Latin Night)2016-10-22T23:59:17Z

Several fans seem to think that Gleb has never been better than in season 23 with Jana Kramer. One fan wrote of that partnership, “I thought Gleb was his most creative with Jana. Her ability seemed to inspire him. He just got her on a great season with lots of talent. She is one of those people who might have won on a less competitive season.”

But Gleb’s lack of ever winning the Mirrorball trophy across four versions of the show — the U.S. version, the British version, the Australian version, and the Russian version — has fans wondering if he’ll ever take home the top prize.

“I hope his time comes soon as well. Sometimes the hate he gets online is sad to read. Yeah, he’s not the best choreographer of all of the pros but I still think he tries hard and is an excellent ballroom dancer,” wrote one fan.

But another replied that his choreography just isn’t strong enough to get him a win, writing, “He seems like a nice person because his partners all seem to like him but I rarely care for his choreography. I also don’t think he prepares his partners enough to perform well either by giving them too little to do or too much sloppily done. … Barring him getting a ringer with a huge fanbase, I don’t see him winning the MBT anytime soon.”

What do you think, “Dancing With the Stars” fans? Does Gleb have what it takes to win the Mirrorball trophy?

“Dancing With the Stars” has not yet been renewed for season 31. If it is renewed, it will return in September 2022.

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Vickie M
Vickie M
11 months ago

I did not watch last seasons DWTS because of Tyra Banks. She is dreadful and constantly makes errors. Cannot watch the show again until she is gone.

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