WATCH: Jason Lewis’ First ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Performance

jason lewis dwts performance

Getty Jason Lewis attends Cadillac Celebrates The 92nd Annual Academy Awards at Chateau Marmont on February 06, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

Dancing With the Stars is officially back! As the premiere drew near, fans of Jason Lewis couldn’t wait to see his performance. Read on to watch it in full here on video.

The 31st season of DWTS returned Monday, September 19, 2022, for the first time on Disney+.

The Sex and the City star made his debut performance and had fans talking on social media, but their commentary on his dancing skills wasn’t exactly positive.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jason Lewis’ Fans Were Quick to Comment on His First DWTS Performance on Twitter

Twitter was abuzz with commentary on Lewis’ premiere performance on Dancing With the Stars. But they were more impressed by his demeanor and looks than his rhythm and dancing skills.

“Jason Lewis is hot and that’s enough to earn one vote from me. Now if he can dance well he might warn 6-8 votes from me,” Regina May wrote on Twitter.

“Omg Jason Lewis counting his steps during his routine with Peta is just the cutest thing ever,” another fan wrote on Twitter.

“Jason Lewis was a bit awkward. We could see you counting, too. Relax into it and you’ll improve,” wrote Twitter user Jason Michael.

“Vote @JasonLewis,” another fan wrote on Twitter. “need to keep this hunk on.”

“@JasonLewis is so cute bringing flowers lol,” wrote another fan.

“@JasonLewis is freaking adorable!” another fan wrote on Twitter.

Lewis wrote on Twitter that he was excited to perform and asked his fans to vote for him.

“TODAY IS THE BIG DAY,” he wrote on Twitter, and called his team “Team Sex and the Shimmy.”

“With hope, you will be invincible @JasonLewis & @PetaMurgatroyd,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Lewis Said It Was His Fiancee Who Talked Him Into Joining the DWTS Season 31 Cast

Lewis told People it was his fiancée, Liz Godwin, who encouraged him to take the jump to appear on the new season of Dancing With the Stars.

He told People he wanted to turn it down because he is not a reality TV fan, but once he checked it out, he was stunned by the talent of the performers.

“I’d always said no to it because I perceived it as reality TV, and it wasn’t a point of interest. This year, when the offer came in, my fianceé asked me to be a little less pigheaded and at least take a look at a show,” he told People. “And so I saw [the] first episode she put on the TV, and I was awestruck. It is incredibly beautifully done. The dancers are so talented.”

He further called her “a great support.”

“She had her short list of people that she really hoped I was going to end up with and Peta was on it,” he said, according to People. “It’s been fun because she’s not only kept me up to speed, but it’s having somebody to share it with who’s really enthusiastic. She’s such a great support. Love you, babe!”

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