DWTS Finalist Confirms She’s ‘in Love’

DWTS cast.

ABC A DWTS finalist says she's in love.

A “Dancing With the Stars” finalist is opening up about her personal life post-show and has revealed that she’s in love.

In November 2021, JoJo Siwa revealed that she had split from her girlfriend Kylie Prew during a sit-down on the “This Is Paris” podcast.

“I have yet to talk about this officially, publicly, but we broke up. But she is literally still my best friend. I talked to her yesterday, she just got a new puppy. She’s awesome. She’s having the time of her life, I’m having the time of my life,” Siwa told Paris Hilton while she was still competing on DWTS.

“I’m really lucky that I didn’t lose her completely because, you know, even though relationships end, friendships don’t have to end,” she added.

Flash forward five months, and Siwa has shared that she’s “very much so in love.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Siwa Shared an Update on Her Personal Life

There has been some speculation that Siwa has reconciled with Prew, but Siwa hasn’t confirmed or denied any of the rumors. However, when she was recently asked about her relationship status, she revealed that she’s dating again.

“I’m very happy, I’m very much so in love. I am really lucky that I’m loved unconditionally, too, by this human and she is awesome,” Siwa told Extra.

Siwa went on to say that she’s in a long distance relationship. “She is the best, and FaceTimes and when we do actually get to see each other, my heart is just like…” she said, before adding, “I felt like for a while my puzzle piece was just like scrambled eggs and I feel like I finally started to put my puzzle back together, and I feel like there was that one piece that was missing and she was that one piece.”

Siwa Isn’t Ready to Reveal Who She’s Dating

During Siwa’s interview with Extra, she was asked flat out if she had gotten back together with Prew.

“I mean, listen, I will

The Answer is:

one day. I’m not saying yes or no,” she responded. About a week later, she went to Disney World with Prew and she shared some photos of the two together — and, at one point holding hands, on her Instagram Stories, according to Page Six.

Siwa has kept her personal life off of social media in recent months, and hasn’t shared any photos or videos of her girlfriend — whether is be Prew or somebody new — on her feed. Instead, Siwa’s Instagram has been filled with posts about her new short hairstyle, her dance moves, and her new project.

The teen queen inked a deal with FOX to become a judge on the upcoming season of “So You Think You Can Dance.” She made the announcement on Instagram on April 4, 2022.

“FINALLY!…. ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ is coming to FOX this summer and I am so grateful that I am going to be a judge! It’s such an honor to be a part of this shows come back!!! Don’t miss the season premiere of @DANCEonFOX May 18th the day before my bday, best bday present ever,” Siwa captioned an Instagram photo.

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