Kim Kardashian Says Life is ‘About Helping Other People’


Reality TV star, fashion mogul and “Dancing With the Stars” alum Kim Kardashian is gracing the cover of the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and inside, she writes a letter to her younger self where she gives herself advice about helping people and learning to ignore the criticism.

Kim Kardashian Says She Had to Learn That Life is ‘About Helping Other People’

In her letter, Kardashian writes that it took a long time for it to “click” for her that life is not about her all the time.

“It’s easy to say to just ignore the criticism, but another thing you’ll learn is that at some point it will click in your head that it’s not about you anymore. It’s about family. It’s about helping other people,” writes the reality star.

She also talks about her work getting clemency for people who are on death row or got life in prison without the possibility of parole for their various crimes and are seeking lighter sentences or release.

Citing her work for Alice Johnson, a woman in prison for life for a first-time nonviolent drug offense, Kardashian tells her younger self that she will set a goal of becoming a lawyer and passing the California bar exam.

“Not everyone is going to see what you’re doing as a noble way of bettering people’s lives. … The loud talkers are going to make noise. I left out the part where you’re on a reality show; because of that, you’re not always going to be respected,” writes Kardashian. “You’re going to have to work harder to show people you come from a nice, normal family. It’s going to take some getting used to, because in high school, you never had to deal with bullies.”

Indeed, Kardashian is working on making that goal a reality. She passed the “baby bar” at the end of 2021 on her fourth attempt. The “baby bar” is the slang term for California’s first-year law students’ examination.

She told the New York Times in a 2020 interview that she is really enjoying learning everything required to become a lawyer, saying, “I was never one to like school — honestly, I hated it. So the fact that I love it is so shocking to me. But everything kind of pertains to me now … I get contracts all the time. So I read them, and I understand how to read them, and how to write them. And then criminal law, that’s just what I’m into. That’s super interesting to me.”

Sports Illustrated Fans Are Not Happy

Many fans of Sports Illustrated are not happy with the swimsuit issue putting Kim Kardashian on its cover.

“This is embarrassing. After all you’ve been working towards to show regular day to day women who are incredible. this is what you do? Yikes,” wrote one fan on Instagram.

Another added, “To the young girls who are looking at this cover. You do not need plastic surgery to be beautiful! Ignore the cover. There are plenty of inspiring women inside the magazine to look up to for being themselves.”

“Worst choice ever. Honestly, this is so bad. First SI swimsuit issue I won’t be buying in years. Shame on you for rewarding a woman with zero talent whatsoever who used a sex tape to become what she is. Pathetic,” wrote a third fan.

On Twitter, one reader wrote, “Out of all the natural beauties that play sports and have amazing physiques you choose someone who has tons of plastic surgery and nothing to do with sports… disappointing.”

“Dancing With the Stars” returns for its 31st season in the fall of 2022 on Disney Plus.

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